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Dumb Butt / Dead Butt Syndrome? What is it, who gets it, how to fix it…

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Do you have “Dead Butt Syndrome” or “Dumb Butt Syndrome”? Is this a real thing?   Yes it is and it is more common than you think. No, it doesn’t mean your butt’s been given the Last Rites; It’s when your glutes don’t fire because your hips may be too tight, weak and/or you have [...]

Total Health Systems Teams with Anchor Bay Triathlon 2015!

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Swim - Bike - Run! Where could you possibly go and have such a great time? Whether you are a participant or a spectator, the Anchor Bay Triathlon has proven to be a great community event that draws up to 250+ athletes a year, with a large cheering team of friends, family, and people of [...]

It’s been over a month since many of us did the Lets Move Festival!

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I know many of you have kept up with your running and walking!   Whether you have kept up with your training or not there is nothing like doing another race to keep you motivated. Total Health Systems sponsors a lot of races in Macomb. The next event we are proud to be a part [...]

EXERCISES AND ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS, Marek Drzazga, Physical Therapist, Total Health Systems of Macomb County

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Ankylosing spondylitis is a lifelong autoimmune disease — and form of arthritis — that causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness mainly in the spinal joints.  Marek Drzazga, Physical Therapist, Total Health Systems   A.S. symptoms vary from person to person. In the early stages of A.S., the pain and stiffness often starts in the lower back, [...]

FitRanx Fitness Classes for the Whole Family This Summer Starting June 22 thru August 28

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Total Health Systems is Excited to Offer Something for the Whole Family this Summer! With less and less time spent in physical education classes and more kids specializing in one sport there is a significant need for kids to learn correct exercise technique. Time spent now strengthening can help prevent overuse injuries that can come [...]

HERNIATED vs BULGING DISC Natalia Frazee, PTA Total Health Systems of Macomb County

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Herniated vs Bulging Disc Disks are like rubbery cushions that are in between each vertebra in your spine. They are made up of an outside layer of tough cartilage that coats the softer cartilage in the center. A bulging disk occurs when it extends outside the area it should normally occupy. The part of the [...]

Congratulations to all 105 of our THS team participants at Let’s Move Races, Mt Clemens, MI

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We had our biggest group ever! Thank you to everyone that came out and then got your friends and family to come out as well! We started with our kick off event on March 4 at our Clinton Township location. Athletes learned how to train for their event and learned a few exercise for mobility [...]

Feel like a runner, with these motivation tips, Total Health Systems

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Have extra clothes and shoes in your car, ready to go!   You never know when you might have a chance to get a run in. So it’s a good idea to have a bag packed in your car with running clothes and shoes. Diane, our Wellness coordinator is always ready to go by having [...]

March is National Athletic Training Month!

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Across the U.S. athletic trainers are being recognized for their commitment to helping people prevent injuries, stay healthy and active. Athletic Trainers are health care professionals, highly educated and dedicated to the job at hand. Athletic Trainers can be found in high schools, colleges, corporations, professional sports, military, clinics, hospitals and physician offices. Laurie Nuyens [...]

Runners are mentally strong but not all runners are physically strong, Total Health Systems

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  Whether you are new runner, veteran runner, or walker. There are significant benefits to adding strength training to your training. I often hear runners say they don’t need to do strength training (specifically their legs) because they run. I hear people trying to lose weight tell me they are going to do cardio exercise [...]