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Dynamic Warm Up Exercises Whether you are new runner, veteran runner, or walker. There are significant benefits to adding strength training to your training.

I often hear runners say they don’t need to do strength training (specifically their legs) because they run. I hear people trying to lose weight tell me they are going to do cardio exercise to lose weight then add in resistance after they loose the weight. Both of these thoughts are flawed.

Resistance training helps you burns more calories. Muscle cells use more oxygen than fat cells and therefore muscle cells burn calories, even at rest.

Building muscle makes your more efficient. Strength training can help you run faster, longer, more efficiently and recover quicker.

Strength training decreases your risk of injury. By doing squats, and single leg work you can help prevent lower body injury because you are increasing joint stability which is reducing your risk for repetitive stress injuries.

Some avoid weight training because they are just not sure what to do and /or are intimidated by it. If this you, come see our personal trainers at Total Health Systems and see if working with a trainer is just what you need to learn to be comfortable with weight training. Call today for a FREE consultation. In the mean time check out these dynamic warm up exercises as well as body weight resistance exercises that are great for runners and walkers.

Walking Straight Leg Kicks

Walking knee hug

Sumo Side Step

Spider Man Spiderman

Inchworm aka Walk it out

Plank row


Lateral lunge with rotation


Don’t forget our first group training run is Saturday March 21 at 10:15 am from our Clinton Township location!

Meet in the gym at 10:15. We will do a dynamic warm up, then head out for a half hour training run/walk. Group training runs are not required but a great way to provide support for each other.




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