Personalized Nutrition Plans

Develop a unique plan based on lifestyle and goals with help from Total Health Systems. Our evidence-based FirstLine therapy plans are designed to reduce stress and fatigue, improve healthy eating habits, and develop long-lasting lifestyle changes. We’ve also partnered with Metagenics® to provide targeted nutrients that help support your nutritional goals.

Custom Weight Loss Programs

See consistent results with a targeted FirstLine Therapy program from Total Health Systems. Our customized weight loss programs emphasize low-glycemic eating and include testing, individual consultations, personal guidebooks, lifestyle counseling, and nutritional product recommendations.

Getting Started With a Weight Loss Program

Starting FirstLine Therapy at Total Health Systems is simple. During your first visit, we’ll get to know you through a comprehensive examination that covers your health history, your family’s medical history, lifestyle, and food preferences. Depending on your wellness goals, we may also recommend body composition and/or metabolic testing.

After your first examination, our registered nurse will develop a personalized plan for you that may include anything from acupuncture and physical therapy to customized supplements and detoxification.

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

FirstLine Therapy is based on research on many chronic diseases and can help prevent or even treat the following:


Urinary Disorders

Weight Loss

Chronic Pain

Common Colds

Digestive Troubles

Abdominal Tightening







Menstrual Problems

Premenstrual Syndrome

Smoking Cessation

Stress and Emotional Issues

Allergies and Sinus Trouble

Bowel Movement Complaints

Cosmetic/Facial Acupuncture

FirstLine Therapy Pricing


First Line Therapy 12 Week One-on-One Program


First Line Therapy 12 Week Group Program

10 & 21-Day Metabolic Detoxification Programs

If you’ve been feeling unusually tired, bloated, and irritable or have experienced continual sleep disruptions and muscle pain, you may have too many toxins in your system. Our 10 and 28-day detoxification programs can help reduce these symptoms and reset your body. Our comprehensive programs include an easy-to-follow guide, clinically-tested food supplements, a program diary/log, a personal nurse detox coach, and educational, web-based tools.

Metabolic Detoxification Program Pricing


Standard Process 21 Day Detoxification


Metagenics Clear Change 10 day Detoxification


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