Your First Visit

What Your First Chiropractic Visit Consists of:

Consultation: The first important step for a new patient. Here, a health history is recorded and evaluated. The consultation indicates for both doctor & patient what options can or should be explored. A mutual decision is now made to commence with examination.

Examination: Your first examination will be as thorough as your problem warrants. Tests may include neurologic and orthopedic, stress, muscle strength evaluation and spinal analysis. In fact, anything that will hep us get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible, will be considered.

X-Ray: A spinal X-ray is like a life size blueprint and takes on a new meaning at our clinic. We look forward at more than just disease (pathology) or fracture, and after the possibility of these are eliminated, the structure and alignment (subluxations) are assessed closely to facilitate repairs.

New Patient Expectations

Your first chiropractic appointment at Total Health Systems includes a one-on-one consultation with a chiropractor, a comprehensive examination, and a spinal X-ray. During the consultation, prepare to discuss your health history, including any prescription medications you have or are currently taking. If you and our doctor determine that chiropractic care is the right solution for you, you’ll move forward with the examination and X-ray. All services are covered by insurance—please bring your insurance information during your visit. We recommend downloading and completing new patient forms before your first visit to reduce wait time.


Diagnostic Testing Options

During your examination, our chiropractor may utilize a variety of diagnostic tests. These tests help us determine the root cause of any potential pain or conditions you’re experiencing. Our testing options include but are not limited to, X-rays, body fat analysis, spirometry, and electrocardiograms.

Our services are covered by many insurance plans

Few people realize that most insurance policies cover chiropractic care. In fact, Blue Cross /Blue Shield, Aetna, as well as Medicare, have covered chiropractic care for years. These carriers recognize that chiropractic care effectively treats many musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, many HMOs and PPOs offer chiropractic care to their subscribers.

In fact, recent articles published in the Journal for Managed Care cited chiropractic care as being more cost effective than conventional medical therapies in treating low back pain. It is a good chance that your local HMO also covers chiropractic care. In addition, injuries resulting from auto accidents are covered 100% by auto insurance and many in-home injuries are covered by home owners policies.

Our insurance department will be happy to review your insurance plan as well as fill out any of the paperwork required by your insurance carrier. We will thoroughly explain your insurance coverage to you. Our patients are not billed for any service without prior explanation and their approval first. To obtain information on chiropractic coverage by your insurance company call our insurance office at (586) 228-0270.

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