Functional Medicine Practitioners

Functional medicine is a science-based health care model that emphasizes care for the individual, not for the symptoms they are experiencing or the conditions they live with.

Target the Root Cause of your Health Condition with Total Health Systems Functional Medicine Program.

Functional medicine focuses on biological individuality. Every person is unique in their health needs, and some conditions may present differently from person to person, so providing treatments based on symptoms alone is not effective.

Under this model, you are not a condition or a set of symptoms and will receive proactive treatment plans that not only address a condition you may be living with but also prevent future diseases or conditions from occurring in the future.

The ultimate benefits of working with a functional medicine doctor include:

  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Holistic & Proactive Plans
  • An Alternative to Expensive Surgeries & Addictive Painkillers

Is Functional Medicine Right for You?

If past and current treatments for your condition have been ineffective, and you are open to alternative therapies and medical care, we recommend trying functional medicine.

This differs from conventional medicine, which is a disease-specific model that focuses on the individual symptoms that a person may experience without addressing biological individuality.

Pricing for Our Functional Medicine Programs


First Consultation


Second Consultation


Follow-up Visits

Conditions We Can Treat

We use the functional medicine approach to treat a wide array of diseases and conditions, including but not limited to:

Environmental Toxins

Digestive Dysfunction

Emotional Stress

Poor detoxification

Heavy Metal toxicity

Blood sugar issues

Allergens/Food sensitivities

Thyroid dysfunction

Immune disorders

Hormone imbalances

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