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Total Health Systems Virtual Tour!

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Total Health Systems is a full-service wellness facility that not only takes care of your pain, but provides you with the tools necessary to obtain optimal health and wellness. The strength of Total Health Systems lies in its unique fusion of healthcare services. We provide traditional medical services, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, one-on-one personal [...]

Soar to Success this Summer with these Steps to Health from Total Health Systems

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Soar to Success this Summer! An estimated 78% of annual U.S. healthcare expenditures are attributed to chronic diseases and conditions, such as: • Overweight and obesity • Heart disease, elevated cholesterol/triglycerides, and elevated blood pressure • Metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, and diabetes • Gastrointestinal and bowel conditions (constipation, Irritable Bowel, etc) • Anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic [...]

Total Health Systems Running Tip – Hydrate with Hydrocoach

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I had a great run on Sunday! But I did not hydrate well at all. The first sign was the face I had a headache all afternoon after my run. I am normally very hydrated so when I am not hydrated I get a headache pretty quick. The second confirmation I did not drink enough [...]

Clinton Twp. Trainer Explains What to Wear on Race Day

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So "What are you wearing?" What are you going to wear? It is important that you have ran in what you plan to race in. This is especially true for our half-marathoners, you will be running in these clothes for hours. Clothing has some importance to our 5kers as well. Be sure you have run [...]