Race Day Tips for ParticipantsWell this is it! Race week is here! I am sure for many of you it does not seem that long ago that you made the commitment to train for and participate in this race. We thank you for you being part of this event and supporting the Macomb Food Program.

Here are a few tips for Race week and race day.

Do not try anything new this week or the day of the race.

This includes food, clothes, shoes, etc. If you have new shoes, make sure you have worn them for at least two weeks prior to the race. If you’ve bought yourself new clothes for the race, make sure you’ve done at least one test-run in them prior to race day. You do not want any surprise chafing or riding up.

Do not eat anything new prior to the race, including the day before the race. If you are used to eating a bagel with peanut butter, for example, prior to your long training runs, eat this prior to the race, too. You do not want to surprise your body with something that it might not agree with.

The same goes for beverages. If you have never tried the sports drink that is provided on the race course, consider skipping it and sticking with water or bringing your own preferred sports drink. R2R will be offering runners Gatorade.

Picking up your packet

Your packet includes your technical tee shirt, upcoming races, information from sponsors and coupons. Including a $20 off massage coupon from Total Health Systems.

You can pick up your packet on Saturday Sept 14 or the morning of the race. If you have a chance to do it the day before its saves some time and hassle on race morning.

Saturday you can pick up your packet at the Romeo Community Center from 9:00 am – 12:00.

Sunday (Race Day) packets will be picked up starting at 6:45 am in the parking lot of Richmond High School.

Lay out all of your clothing and gear the night before the race.

If you have picked up your packet the day before the race you can attach your bib/race number to your shirt. Laying everything out the night before helps to ensure that you have everything you need and do not forget an important item that you might skip over in the middle of any pre-race anxiety.

Get there early.

In the years past Richmond High School has provided plenty of parking. Arriving early also gives you time to use the restroom (the lines are usually long), warm up, and pick up your packet if needed.

If you have brought a donation for the Macomb Food Program or Medals4Mettles you can drop off your canned good or finishers medal.

Getting there early also means you are not rushed trying to make that last and final bus to the half marathon start.

Getting the Start

5k- The 5k start is across the street from where you park DO NOT GET ON THE BUS! Just walk across the street from the high school to the Gateway Pavilion. We will have Michelle Thom, personal trainer from Total Health Systems leading the 5kers thru a warm up. Race time is 9:00 am

Half- Marathon – Busses will take runners from the finish line area to the start at Romeo Trailside Park starting at 7:00 am. The last bus leaves at 7:30 sharp.

Bag Drop

Bag drop is nice service that some races offer to runners and R2R offers it. This allows you to keep some of your layers on while you are waiting for race time. It may be a bit chilly before you start running so you can keep a long sleeve shirt or whatever you like on while you are waiting at Romeo Trailside park. 5 minutes before start time you can take your layers off put them in a bag with your race number on it and give it to race officials. Your bag with your shirt will be a the finish line when you are done.

Water stations

The nice thing about racing is you don’t have to worry about carrying your water or sports drink. Getting that drink can be tricky if you have never done it. As you approach the area, slow down a bit and make eye contact with a volunteer so they will know you are coming to them. ALWAYS thank them!! Then gently squeeze the top of the cup to allow you to drink more and spill less. Always keep moving forward. Never make a sudden stop to turn around or else you may run into another runner coming up behind you.

Some water stations will also be offering Gatorade. Many volunteers will be yelling out what they have in their hand, but it does not hurt to confirm with them as you make eye contact and approach.

Have FUN!

Commend yourself for getting out there and doing it, and enjoy the feeling of self accomplishment then start thinking about your next endeavor.