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I was having neck and back pain and was in need of a chiropractor for an adjustment!

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  I have used chiropractors in the past...   Just so happens that my local bank was next door to the Total Health Systems location in Chesterfield.  I finished my banking, walked next door, asked a few questions and made an appointment with Dr. Bill.  After a few adjustments, my pain was relieved.  I was [...]

Total Health Systems Welcomes Dr. Francis Elwart to our Chesterfield Location!

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Total Health Systems Welcomes Dr. Francis Elwart to our Chesterfield Location! We have exciting news to report to our patients at Total Health Systems! We have recently added Francis Elwart, D.C. to our wellness team. Dr. Elwart will be a valued addition to our patients and staff. After Dr. Elwart was in a serious automobile [...]

Texting Neck, Total Health Systems of Macomb County, Bill Pohlen, D.C.

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In the past 20 years, social media has changed how we communicate and interact with one another on a daily basis. We follow and share daily and sometimes even minute by minute events in our lives via Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, Google +, Snap Chat, Instagram and of course texting. When the cellular industry switched from [...]

DO YOU SUFFER FROM ACID REFLUX?, Dr. Rose Minkiewicz, Total Health Systems

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Acid Reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a growing problem in the United States.   More people than ever before are being diagnosed with and treated for it than ever before. In the past, this condition affected only adults but over the past couple of decades the incidence of symptoms in children and infants [...]

Cox Flexion Distraction Technique

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The Cox Flexion Distraction technique is a procedure done in Chiropractic clinics around the country to help reduce bulged and herniated discs.   This technique is also used to help in conditions of stenosis which is a narrowing of the neural foramina or the opening between two vertebra that the nerve exits from the spinal [...]

Total Health Systems Supports Relentless Detroit Families

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Dr. Lundgaard and Total Health Systems are currently fundraising for Relentless Detroit, an organization dedicated to supporting families and children suffering from cancer and other life threatening diseases. All donors to our fundraising page: Click Here You will be entered for a chance to win an automated massage chair from Human Touch. Any size donation [...]

EXERCISES AND ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS, Marek Drzazga, Physical Therapist, Total Health Systems of Macomb County

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Ankylosing spondylitis is a lifelong autoimmune disease — and form of arthritis — that causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness mainly in the spinal joints.  Marek Drzazga, Physical Therapist, Total Health Systems   A.S. symptoms vary from person to person. In the early stages of A.S., the pain and stiffness often starts in the lower back, [...]

HERNIATED vs BULGING DISC Natalia Frazee, PTA Total Health Systems of Macomb County

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Herniated vs Bulging Disc Disks are like rubbery cushions that are in between each vertebra in your spine. They are made up of an outside layer of tough cartilage that coats the softer cartilage in the center. A bulging disk occurs when it extends outside the area it should normally occupy. The part of the [...]

5 Expectations of a 5k Runner, Total Health Systems

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It’s finally warming up and many of us are starting to get more serious about our training. Our Total Health Systems team is made up of all kinds of different athletes. (we are all athletes in the game of life) Most of our team is doing the 5k. For some of you doing a 5k [...]

Warming up and Dynamic Stretching first instead of Static Stretching

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Warming up first instead of stretching before a training session or a race whether it is running, swimming, cycling etc...Your body needs to be ready.   Your muscles need to be warm. While stretching is an important part of the cool down it does not help you warm up and get ready to train or [...]