fitrankEvery two years many of us find a common thread as we all gear up to watch athletes compete in either the summer or winter Olympic games.  We marvel at the level of dedication, and we are in awe of what these athletes are able to do with with their bodies. No matter what your own athletic history is we all have an appreciation for their athleticism and cheer for them to show their best on this world wide stage. 

Beyond the stories of hardship and sacrifice to get to the Olympics there are stories of. friendships are formed across country lines, across political lines and we find many of the athletes pulling for each other.  Each athlete regardless of sport, background, country, language really just wants each competitor to have a great performance at the Olympics.

It is in that same light that Total Health Systems will help celebrate the Olympics.    No matter your athletic background, your sport, your current fitness level we invite everyone to participate in the FitRanx Olympic Games

break-free-of-negative-habits-and-develop-powerful-healthy-life-changing-habits-todayThe FitRanx Olympic Games will take place on Saturday Feb 8th at 10:30 am.

If you are currently enrolled in FitRanx or have done it in the past you may recognize some to events/exercises. But you  DO NOT need to be in FitRanx to participate.

This event is free and you have a chance to win gift certificates for massage, and various vitamins and supplements.  AND THERE will be MEDALS! 

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Request a list of specific events by emailing Laurie or pick up a copy at the front desk.