Clinton Twp Trainer Explains What to Wear on Race DaySo “What are you wearing?”

What are you going to wear? It is important that you have ran in what you plan to race in. This is especially true for our half-marathoners, you will be running in these clothes for hours. Clothing has some importance to our 5kers as well.

Be sure you have run in the shoes you will be racing in. Earlier in the season I talked about the importance of good shoes, hopefully you have been training in a good pair of quality shoes. Race day is not the day to try a new pair of shoes.

Race day should not be the first time you have ran in that sports bra. If you have various brands and types of sports bras I am sure you have your favorites. Don’t run the race in a new sports bra, run in your favorite. The new sports bra might end up being your new fave, but don’t test it out on race day.

We don’t know what the weather will be so make sure you have shorts as an option as well as a capri or pants option. Some capri pants are great to work out in, but ride up funny when you are running. Same with shorts. Some pants fit great when you try them on, but once you run you find out that they are just a little long or a little short.

As a member of our THS team we want you to proudly wear your Team THS tee shirt. It is likely that many of us will be wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath. Just make sure you know which long sleeve shirt you are going to wear. It is annoying to be running in a long shirt and then realize that the sleeves are a little too long or too short, or it rides up in the back just leaving a sliver of skin exposed to the cold air. Our team shirts will be available for pick up at your clinic within a few days. Watch Facebook and your email for updates.

You may need to start with a thin pair of gloves, or headband. If you have been doing some training outside you should know which gloves, hat, or headband you want to wear. I typically run with cheap, thin, stretchy gloves that I don’t mind leaving on the course or that I can stuff into my jacket pockets.

Don’t forget our pre race seminar on April 24th at 6:15 pm at the Garfield location. Please email, comment on Facebook or sign up at the front desk. Just so we have an idea of how many to expect. Also watch for details about our team picture just before the race!

And lastly, congrats on committing to this challenge, we are so close to race day. I hope you are as excited as I am.

Clinton Twp. Trainer Explains What to Wear on Race Day