Soar to Success this Summer!

An estimated 78% of annual U.S. healthcare expenditures are attributed to chronic diseases and conditions, such as:First Line Therapy Personalized Program

• Overweight and obesity
• Heart disease, elevated cholesterol/triglycerides, and elevated blood pressure
• Metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, and diabetes
• Gastrointestinal and bowel conditions (constipation, Irritable Bowel, etc)
• Anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic pain
• Insomnia, sleep disorders, Low energy, low libido, low vitality
• And more….

Your First Step to better health and success begins today at Total Health Systems, where we create a First Line Therapy Personalized Healthy Lifestyle Program designed just for you.

Picture yourself healthy and active, performing your best, reduced pain, and waking up each morning feeling refreshed and energized. We can help you achieve these goals. That is what First Line Therapy Personalized Healthy Lifestyle Program is about – giving you the tools to reach your health and fitness goals, improve how you feel, and do the things you enjoy for a very long time.

Step One
Call for your Free First Line Therapy Nutritional Consult
• One hour appointment where we review your lifestyle choices, medical health history/symptoms, medications/supplements, weight loss history/goals, eating habits, fitness, and exercise habits
• As needed, coordination with your primary care physician
• Self-discovery – awareness of what you want to achieve, and setting goals

Step Two
First Line Therapy Food Plans
• Variety of food plans – personalizing a plan which is best for your health
• Food plans designed to address underlying causes of illness and inflammation such as blood sugar imbalance, heart disease, and excess fat
• Science-based approaches that feature a rich spectrum of food categories
• Emphasis on eating wide variety of plant-based foods, rich in phytonutrients know to promote healing and health, as well as delicious and satisfying
• Medical foods and targeted nutritional supplements to enhance overall program success and ensure daily nutritional needs are being met
Step Three
Keeping Physically Active
• Exercise helps you live a longer more active life
• Regular exercise increases basal metabolic rate (amount of calories you burn at rest), energy levels, muscle mass, bone density, and heart and lung function
• Being active enhances the immune system, elevates mood/mental performance, promotes good quality sleep, reduces stress, and enhances your quality of life
• Work with our healthcare team at Total Health Systems to identify the types of exercise that benefit you most – your well-being depends on your strength, fitness, flexibility, balance, and stamina
• Our skilled trainers will get you moving and involved in our revolutionary fitness programs – Fitranx and One on One, which are flexible and personalized for your health and well being, and designed to get you to your fitness goals

Step Four
Transforming Stress
• Prolonged stress is related to the six leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, and lung conditions
• Feeling “stressed out” is number one reason people overeat, engage in substance abuse, and quit efforts to establish healthier lifestyle habits
• Learning coping skills to deal with life’s challenges is important to your health!
• We will help you identify personal stressors, triggers, and how to respond in healthier ways with practical, proven methods to help you relax, and turn adverse situations into opportunities for personal growth!

To schedule your Free First Line Therapy Nutritional Consult, call Total Health Systems at (586) 228-0270 today!

For more information contact Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness and Weight Management at