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My son first told me about Total Health Systems!

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Kimberly Kimball Tells her Story how Total Health Systems has Changed her Life! My son had made an appointment for a massage and he knew that I was looking for a chiropractor.  When I made my first appointment for the chiropractor at Total Health Systems in Macomb County, I discovered that they had physical therapy [...]

Try a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage at Total Health Systems!

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Aloha Nui, welcome and come hear the call of the Hawaiian Islands Lomi Lomi is translated as massage. It is a massage that was brought to the Hawaiian’s by way of the Polynesians when they came to the islands. It quickly became their “medicine”.  It is a holistic approach designed to relax, relieve pain, and [...]

Inspire Someone Virtual 5k Walk/Run

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Thank you for participating in a prior event with Total Health Systems! We would like to invite you to take part in another great event!   This event is called the Inspire Someone Virtual 5k Walk/Run. It has been developed by one of THS’s patients who has been chosen by Women For Tri to race [...]

Please Welcome Katie Holdwick, BSN, RN, HN-BC, Wellness and Weight Management Nurse to Total Health Systems!

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Total Health Systems Welcomes Katie Holdwick,  BSN, RN, HN-BC, Wellness and Weight Management Nurse to our Team!  Call to set up your appointment with her today!   We have exciting news to report to our patients at Total Health Systems! We have recently added Katie Holdwick, BSN, RN, HN-BC, Wellness and Weight Management to our wellness [...]

Dumb Butt / Dead Butt Syndrome? What is it, who gets it, how to fix it…

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Do you have “Dead Butt Syndrome” or “Dumb Butt Syndrome”? Is this a real thing?   Yes it is and it is more common than you think. No, it doesn’t mean your butt’s been given the Last Rites; It’s when your glutes don’t fire because your hips may be too tight, weak and/or you have [...]

Total Health Systems Welcomes Scott McCormick, Physician’s Assistant to our Wellness Team!

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We have exciting news to report to our patients at Total Health Systems!   We have recently added Scott McCormick, Physician’s Assistant to our wellness team.  Scott will be a valued addition to our patients and staff. Scott is available for all of our current medical services and will be available to meet all of [...]

Dr. Tonya Beltran, I wish to help others assimilate into a healthier lifestyle that brings forth more positive components within their life

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Growing up and becoming an adult can be a difficult time for making a decision on who and what profession a person wants to be. I have always enjoyed helping others and enjoyed the company of family, friends and people. I had the opportunity to live and interact with many different people from various socio-economic [...]

Total Health Systems Supports Relentless Detroit Families: Meet Adriana Dillon

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Dr. Lundgaard and Total Health Systems are currently fundraising for Relentless Detroit, an organization dedicated to supporting families and children suffering from cancer and other life threatening diseases. All donors please go to our fundraising page:  Click Here  You will be entered for a chance to win an automated massage chair from Human Touch. Any [...]

Cox Flexion Distraction Technique

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The Cox Flexion Distraction technique is a procedure done in Chiropractic clinics around the country to help reduce bulged and herniated discs.   This technique is also used to help in conditions of stenosis which is a narrowing of the neural foramina or the opening between two vertebra that the nerve exits from the spinal [...]

“Chakras” by Lovely Davis, Massage Therapist, Total Health Systems

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Balancing Energy Centers Eye’s closed with a focus on light. Breathing deeply and reciting affirmations. Hands held over certain points on the body to bring healing through energy. This is a method of balancing energy centers of the body. Also known as Chakra’s. This holistic approach to healing is done by becoming one with everything [...]