The Cox Flexion Distraction technique is a procedure done in Chiropractic clinics around the country to help reduce bulged and herniated discs.


This technique is also used to help in conditions of stenosis which is a narrowing of the neural foramina or the opening between cox flexion distraction techniquetwo vertebra that the nerve exits from the spinal column.

At Total Health Systems this technique is performed on almost all patients who have a complaint of leg pain also known as sciatica. The Cox Flexion Distraction Technique is superior in healing herniated discs causing sciatica. Dr. Huminski feels that it is a safe, low force and gentle procedure compared to lumbar surgeries.

The Cox Flexion Distraction technique is performed with the patient lying face down on a special table. Dr Huminski at Total Health Systems of Macomb County places a hand above the herniated disc level to stabilize the spine and gently lowers the lower half of the table thus producing the suctioning effect that relieves pressure on the affected nerves. The table is moved up and down and sideways so the chiropractor can obtained the desired results which is reducing the disc bulge or herniation and getting pressure off the nerve.
Stenosis occurs with a disc bulge or when bony spurs form and occlude the nerve exit thus putting pressure on the nerve. The distraction technique is effective in reducing the stenosis caused by spur formation.
The Cox technique works to get rid of bulge discs and sciatic pain naturally either if the patient is an acute or chronic stage. Treatment usually consists of around 8 weeks and has anywhere from a 89 to 95 percent success rate.
When the Cox treatment protocol was compared to a form of physical therapy The Cox technique was found to be more effective as published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine September 2006.
The Cox Technique procedure is performed without force. The patient does not feel any increased pain or discomfort. The patient will see a reduction in pain and intensity while undergoing this conservative form of care.
Cox Flexion and Distraction technique is a wonderful alternative to surgery and the attendant risks and complications that may occur. Surgeries and attendant procedures are always more expensive than the conservative Cox treatment. It is always best to try the least invasive way to treat any spinal problem an individual may encounter.
The research and effectiveness of The Cox procedure has been one of the three most studied chiropractic techniques for low back pain. Data has been collected and analyzed for close to 40 years. There have been numerous federally funded studies and research studies.
Approximately 64% of chiropractors in practice in 2010 use the Cox Flexion Distraction method in their clinics. This chiropractic method has saved countless people from ongoing pain management, discomfort and the expense and unknown complications of spinal surgery. If you are experiencing any spinal problems like those discussed here please call and have a consultation with a chiropractor near you to see if the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique is indicated for you

Dr. Richard Huminski, Total Health Systems of Macomb County