Aloha Nui, welcome and come hear the call of the Hawaiian Islands

Lomi Lomi is translated as massage. It is a massage that was lomi-lomi-massagebrought to the Hawaiian’s by way of the Polynesians when they came to the islands. It quickly became their “medicine”.  It is a holistic approach designed to relax, relieve pain, and remove energy blockages. It also helps bring the body into balance and harmony.  There are several forms of Lomi Lomi massage: Sacred, Temple, Contemporary, etc. I currently do the Contemporary. However, they all begin and end the same.

What to expect. Each session is about 90 minutes long. It starts with a few questions to find out where you are at physical, mentally, and spiritually. You will also be given a few instructions regarding what you may experience during a Lomi Lomi. Then you will be given time to prepare for the massage. The session may start with a prayer.  The massage itself consists of fluid continuous strokes with the giver’s arms, hands, and elbows.  Appropriate music will be playing in the background.  The “breath” is very important in Lomi Lomi and you may hear that a few times. At the end of the massage you will be given time to be grounded again. Another prayer maybe offered up for you.

May you find peace in the tranquility of Lomi Lomi. Aloha.

Submitted by,

Joan Errington, LMT

Massage Therapist, Total Health Systems