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Meet 9 year old Adriana Dillon. Her parents say that she is their miracle girl because she has been fighting tough odds even before she was born.
Adriana is from Wayne, Michigan. She has a younger brother who loves her dearly named Gavin that is 6 years old. Adriana’s parents Tom and Candice have been together for nearly 11 years.
From the day that Adriana came into this world, she has been fighting to just be a normal girl. After she was born, Adriana was immediately placed into the care of the hospital for 28 days due to her being underweight.
When the Dillons were finally able to bring Adriana home they say that they thought that her troubles had past. About a week after Dillion-Family leaving the hospital Candice said that she noticed Adriana do something unusual that seemed like Adriana was having a seizure.
Candice said that she phoned the doctor’s office immediately to describe Adriana’s symptoms and to get a recourse of action. Adriana was in fact having a seizure.
Tom and Candice say that after numerous doctor appointments they were finally given Adriana’s diagnosis. Doctors say that because of Adriana’s complications before and after birth, that she has a severe case of Cerebral Palsy which leaves her wheelchair bound.
Adriana is fighting Tracheomalacia, Bronchomalacia, cortical blindness, scoliosis, hip dysplasia and stage 3 kidney failure. This little girl has had more than 30 surgeries in her 9 years here on earth. Tom and Candice say that they know Adriana is a miracle child because she just keeps beating the odds and enormous challenges stacked against her.
Adriana coAriana Dillonntinues to see 12 different specialists at U of M Mott hospital for various treatments and therapies. Despite what Adrianna faces on a day to day basis Candice and Tom say that she is growing fast.
On her good days, Adriana plays baseball for the Miracle League of Plymouth Michigan. She loves to hear her brother talk to her and loves to be held and loved on very much.

Adriana is inspiring. Please welcome Adriana Dillon as a RD Kid for 2015. Tom, Candice, Adriana and Gavin we welcome your family to become a part of ours, Relentless Detroit.