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In 2016 Total Health Systems made a scene in downtown Mt. Clemens! Please join us in 2017 for an even bigger and louder scene! It's time to start thinking about the annual Let's Move Festival in downtown Mt. Clemens! This year the race in on Saturday April 29.  In 2016 we had over 100 people [...]

FATS* the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, Simple & Quick Nutrition Plan, Free Seminar

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Sandy Vu-Lundgaard, Fitness Instructor, Thursday Feb 22, 7pm, 28098 23 Mile Road, Chesterfield, 48051 (586)949-0123 How much fat is too much fat in our bodies Fat Facts and Losing Body Fat How do we combat unwanted Body Fat through Healthy Nutrition. Sandy Vu-Lundgaard will make suggestions on Daily Nutrition Intake NOT Dieting. The seminar will focus [...]

Total Health Systems is Excited to Announce New Fitness Classes in 2017!

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Pilates Plus and Knockout Conditioning Pilates Plus is a fusion of Yoga, Pilates, and Barre.  It involves low impact movements and poses that safely tone, lift and transform your body.  This class will lengthen, strengthen and stretch from head to toe. Bring a towel, water and positive energy.  Your bare feet are welcome or you [...]

Dumb Butt / Dead Butt Syndrome? What is it, who gets it, how to fix it…

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Do you have “Dead Butt Syndrome” or “Dumb Butt Syndrome”? Is this a real thing?   Yes it is and it is more common than you think. No, it doesn’t mean your butt’s been given the Last Rites; It’s when your glutes don’t fire because your hips may be too tight, weak and/or you have [...]

Top 3 Fitness tips for summer 2014, Laurie Nuyens, Fitness Director, Total Health Systems

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Top 3 Fitness tips for summer 2014 For the next 3 weeks I am going to share with you my top 3 Fitness tips for summer. These tips will help you get on track or stay on track as summer begins to present lots of distractions from our health and fitness routine. Schedule it We [...]

Break Free of Negative Habits and Develop Powerful & Healthy Life Changing Habits Today!

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Everyone has habits - all kinds of habits. Some we developed at an early age, and others we picked up along the journey of life. A habit is something we do automatically. We barely even think about it - we just do it! Some habits are very good for us. They provide good health, discipline [...]