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August Products of the Month, Healthy Bones & Joints Supplements

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10% Off all Healthy Bones & Joints Supplements Metagenics:  Bone Builder™ Forte provides advanced, bioactive support for healthy bone mineralization with microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (MCHC)— calcium-rich, bone-derived supplement that provides a broad spectrum of macro- and trace minerals. Ostera:  Promotes healthy bone remodeling biomarkers to support bone quality and integrity. In a clinical study of [...]

Treatment Model vs Wellness Model

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We all know at least one person in our social circle who is always sick. These people usually spend a significant amount of time complaining of health issues and an even greater amount of time hanging out with their doctor. This state of mind, which in the health industry is called the “sickness model,” is [...]

Total Health Systems – Biggest Winner 90 Day Challenge

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Are You Ready for the Biggest Winner 90 Day Challenge? How Much Weight Do You Really Want to Lose? Are You Ready to Make 2014 the Very Best Year of Your Life? If you said “YES” you are about to begin an exciting journey that will change your life forever! Are you ready to commit to the [...]

Lifestyle Change Programs Offered at Total Health Systems in Macomb County, MI

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Lifestyle Change Programs Offered at Total Health Systems in Macomb County, MI Hello my name is Diane Delf and I am the director for wellness and weight management here at Total Health Systems. We can be reached at 586-228-0270 and our website is Today I am here to talk to you about how you [...]