Stretch Therapy at Total Health Systems

When you think of stretching, you may picture someone sitting and reaching for their toes to stretch their hamstrings, or perhaps doing a few lunges before going on a run.

While passive hamstring stretches and lunges can be useful, many people are unaware that science-based stretching techniques are used for physical improvements.

In fact, stretching has long been a component of fitness training, even though it’s commonly an afterthought for your typical gym-goer.

Still, stretch therapy techniques are an important part of functional movement. Here’s why they deserve dedicated time in your fitness routine.

Stretch Therapy, What to Expect

  • Stretch therapy encompasses a wide range of techniques, including foam rolling, massage, myofascial release, and active range of motion movements, in addition to traditional passive stretches.
  • Stretch therapy is the scientific application of these techniques to treat certain physical problems associated with tight muscles and restricted joints. When performed properly, stretch therapy can help prevent injuries and improve performance.
  • While you’re likely familiar with some of the techniques used in stretch therapy, the proper application of stretching for maximum benefit requires more than idly reaching for your toes before hitting the treadmill.
  • With a little bit of education, you’ll be more than prepared to effectively incorporate stretch therapy techniques into your training program.

Stretch Therapy Services & Pricing 

$65:  Individual Stretch Therapy, 60-minute sessions.   These sessions are a deep and extensive full body stretch that focuses on all major muscle groups and extremities.  Stretch therapy increases range of motion, improves movement quality, and reduces injury risk.  Must request Steven St. Amand for stretch therapy.

$45: Individual Stretch Therapy, 30-minute sessions. These sessions target specific major muscle groups and can help alleviate muscle tightness. Stretch therapy improves range of motion, leading to improved movement patterns.   and fewer injuries. Must request Steven St. Amand for stretch therapy.


Reminder:  Always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any stretching program. If you have a chronic or unresolved injury, seeking professional guidance is crucial to ensuring you don’t risk additional injury.