Diane Delf’s Ironman Experience in Kona Hawaii!


Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness and Weight Management at Total Health Systems tells her story about her journey to Ironman, Kona, Hawaii

There is something downright magical and unforgettable about finally being in
Ironman Village and checking in for the Ironman race! When that Ironman bracelet gets attached to my wrist, and I am handed my Ironman backpack, swim cap, and more, it’s an amazing moment! Bells go off, whistles blow, and my eyes tear up. Its a moment in time never, ever, to be forgotten…..

How did such an amazing experience ever begin?
In high school, while watching “Wide World of Sports”, with my Mom! The race was epic!
A 104.6 mile endurance race consisting of a timed 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and
full 26.2 mile marathon, all in one day! The seed was planted! Someday, I would do that
race, I prayed, and eventually even get to Hawaii, for the amazing Ironman Kona!

Was it an easy goal?

No way! Especially after in 2001 I had a severe back injury
working as a Nurse. Several ruptured low back disks left me barely able to stand, walk,
with constant, relentless pain. Couldn’t work, or drive, barely able to take care of myself,
and my beautiful family of 4 active kids! My husband supported my many attempts to
get rid of the pain, and return to some type of active, healthy lifestyle. X-rays, MRI’s,
medications, orthopedic, neurosurgeons, pain management, PT, visits etc… continued for

Being faith filled, and holistic, I chose a non-surgical approach to healing, despite
the constant advice for back surgery. The pain would “settle down” for a bit, then
eventually something as simple as a sneeze, would fire it up once again.

Eventually, a trip to Sedona, Az, for a “Healing Seminar”, changed my path, and
kicked the pebble to start my own business “Healthy Spirit Wellness Center”, a practice to
assist others on their faith filled healing journey. Had great success with this path, but
soon the injury flared up again, and left me on the couch, and home bound.
It was awful, but it did lead me to the doors of Total Health Systems, where genuine,
holistic, skilled, functional medicine began! Physical Therapy with Piotr Kaspryk,

Chiropractic adjustments with Drs. Lundgaard and Rose, and massage! Praise God, my
body, mind, and Spirit began to heal! As my healing progressed, soon I was back to
swimming, walking, biking, and eventually, began 5K races, and discovered that with
prayer, continued visits with my THS providers, practicing body mechanics, stretching,
rest, hydration, nutrition, and coaching, I progressed, and began to race triathlons!

One of my major goals of Triathlon was to progress to an Ironman race, (besides staying
healthy and happy), get on the podium, and qualify for Ironman Kona! Had this dream
since age 17, and thrilled to say, after 4 full ironman races, 3 half ironman races, and
many sprint/olympic distance triathlons, I qualified at Ironman Chattanooga, 2021!
One year later, October 2022, I made it to Kona, for an amazing life adventure, and fullfilled
another lifetime goal, Ironman Kona! Absolutely amazing experience!

Dreams and goals do come true, with prayer, family and friend support, daily self-care,
positive mental attitude maintetene visits with functional and holistic providers, and the
will to improve, knowing that another adventure awaits us all!
Always remember… Anything (and everything) is possible!!

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