Top 3 Fitness tips for summer 2014Fitness Tips for the Summer Season

For the next 3 weeks I am going to share with you my top 3 Fitness tips for summer. These tips will help you get on track or stay on track as summer begins to present lots of distractions from our health and fitness routine.

Schedule it

We often tell ourselves (or tell your chiropractor, physical therapists, massage therapist, or sometimes even your personal trainer) that we don’t have time to workout. But how is it that gyms, personal training studios, and boot camp classes are full of full time working moms and dads with kids in travel sports programs? They are still finding time to take care of themselves. Have they found a way to get 26 hours into a day? No of course not. They have looked at their busy schedule and made it a priority to blow off some stress, and maybe even get an little endorphin rush.

Before you go to bed you should know when and where your workout is going to happen the next day. Stick to it! Yes, it might mean leaving an email unanswered for 30 min or a phone call not returned until an hour later. So what, you are going to feel better by the time to get those items and most likely handle them even better after a workout.

Our new Group Fitness Schedule starts Thursday June 12. We have added classes for the summer. Check out all the classes you have to choose from

Monday 6:15 pm Zumba
Tuesday 6:15pm Cardio Kickboxing
Wed 6:15pm Yoga
Thurs 6:15pm Cardio Core Conditioning
Thurs 7:15 pm TRX *
Saturday 10:15am Cardio Core Conditioning

Thursday 12:00 Tai Chi at Clinton Township

All classes are $5 to drop in or purchase a pass for $25. With the pass you can attend many classes as you want for 1 month.

Check out our website for a full description of our group fitness classes at

*TRX is not part of pass. TRX classes are $15 or $10 when you buy 6 classes.

If you are looking for something in the morning or day, contact me and let’s see what you can figure out for you.

Next week I will share another tip to help keep yourself motivated for the summer.