Break Free of Negative Habits and Develop Powerful & Healthy Life Changing Habits Today!Everyone has habits – all kinds of habits. Some we developed at an early age, and others we picked up along the journey of life. A habit is something we do automatically. We barely even think about it – we just do it! Some habits are very good for us. They provide good health, discipline and a sense of order and well being in our life. Good habits bring fulfillment, empowerment, joy, happiness, and peace.

We may have also developed some negative habits that are not healthy. They steal our peace and joy, lead to poor health, diseases, create stress, and leave us feeling empty, sad, disempowered, and frustrated. Negative habits also prevent us from reaching our goals and successes in life.

Do you have any negative habits? Make a list of them, and look them square in the eye. How are they affecting your life? Are they leaving you drained and frustrated?

Are you ready to break free of negative habits that no longer are in your best interest? Are you ready to break free of habits that no longer have any positive purpose in life?

If you answered yes!!, then you are ready to make a positive change. Here are some steps you can take today to lead to better health, wellness, happiness, and empowerment:
• Make a list of the positive habits you want to keep, or new ones to develop
• Make a list of the habits you want to eliminate
• Choose one you want to begin with – remember, only one from each list!
• Now place your focus on only one at a time, and watch the positive action become your next “good” habit, and the negative action slowly eliminated from your life

Examples of good habits you may want to begin working on- Take charge of your life!
• Follow First Line Therapy Food Plan to lose weight/inches, lower cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure – it is easy to follow, and healthy
• Increase water intake to 8-10 glasses per day
• Drink your medical food shake 2x/day
• Eat smaller portions and cook foods in healthier way
• Eat more fruits and vegetables
• Become more active – pick one activity (walking, swimming, bike riding, dancing, etc.) and start it slowly
• Get plenty of rest and sleep
• Relax – take calming breaths throughout your day
• Be gentle with yourself! Most people have good and bad days – changing actions a little at a time each day makes a big difference
• Plan ahead – procrastination steals our time, self-esteem, and our confidence

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