Growing up and becoming an adult can be a difficult time for making a decision on who and what profession a person wants to be.

I have always enjoyed helping others and enjoyed the company of family, friends and people. I had the opportunity to live and interact with many different people from various socio-economic statuses, cultures, and regions. This type of life style had Prescription Medication Alternativesincreased my awareness of all the positive aspects that life can offer.

I also had the opportunity to work in a chiropractic office and see how the chiropractic profession helped others. The improvements that were made by means other than prescription drugs, surgeries, and other invasive procedures that could have been prevented by someone who cares, listens, and understands the patient and could help as a chiropractor. The assistance that a chiropractor provides was not the only the medical attention to physical pain, they also offered personal assistance and emotional support. The Chiropractic lifestyle that was provided at their work environment, for their patients, also extended to their home and personal life.

During my life, growing up, I had the opportunity to witness how many medical professionals had prescribed pain medication for relief. This practice of prescription drugs being prescribed over and over in order to provide relief to their patient had caused many problems for the individual and for the family. A close family friend had been prescribed pain and inflammation drugs for many years. Without relief from anti-inflammatory prescription drugs, the person eventually received pain medication that contained opiates. Consequently, this person became addicted to pain medication and later attended substance abuse treatment.

One of my internships was at an alcohol rehabilitation center. Providing education, empathy and empowerment for my patients, I learned that many of those residing in the center had originally had been prescribed anti-inflammatory prescription medication. It was through the use of chiropractic methods that these clients were able to address their well-being in a more proactive lifestyle. The change that was transformed by these individual in taking care of themselves was phenomenal.

I have chosen chiropractic for my profession due to the type of care, help and assistance that spinal manipulation and alternative medical therapy can help. Helping people, enjoying life and being happy has always been my choice. I wish to help others assimilate into a healthier lifestyle that brings forth more positive components within their life.

Article written by Tonya Beltran, DC, Total Health Systems