Hydracoach Water Bottle AvailableI had a great run on Sunday! But I did not hydrate well at all. The first sign was the face I had a headache all afternoon after my run. I am normally very hydrated so when I am not hydrated I get a headache pretty quick. The second confirmation I did not drink enough was the fact that by 8:00 Sunday night I had drank over 100 oz of water and only went to the bathroom 2x all day long.

Hydrate everyday– a general recommendation is (may seem like a lot but will do wonders for you body and health) to consume half your body weight in ounces. Personally that is my minimum. This time of year I try to go at least 25 oz over that.
Pre hydrate– drink water all day long. Specifically about 16 oz the 2 hours before you start run.

Right before you start your run weigh yourself.

During run- 4-16 oz every 15 minutes this will be any where from half a liter to 2 liters per hour.

Take a look at your fuel belt or water bottle, and make note of where your water level should be at certain key mile markers of your run. For example if I am running 6 miles, I have a goal to have drank one of my 10 oz. water bottles by the 3 mile mark. Having a goal of where I should be keeps me reaching for my water and sipping all along the way. This is where I screwed up Sunday, I did not drink enough during my run. And by the time I realized it, it was too late. Dehydration had begun and I could not drink enough water without causing a cramp.

How you carry that water is up to. One of the nice things about running at certain parks is the ability to fill up your water bottles. If you train on the Macomb Orchard trail make note of places you can fill up. Fill up before you need to don’t wait till you are out of water to look for places to fill up. Of course on race day we don’t need to worry about bringing our own water.

After run– weigh yourself for every 1 pound lost, you need consume 16 – 24 oz.

Need help keeping track of water try a Hydracoach water bottle. The Hydracoach water bottle has a computer chip and sensor to measure how much water has been drank out of the bottle in a 24 hour period. The bottle will calculate your personal hydration needs (or you can set your own goal), track your consumption, and it will help pace you to you ensure that you meet your goal. It is very motivating and a fun way to keep track of water intake. Hydracoach bottles are available at Total Health Systems (3 locations, Clinton Township, Chesterfield Township and Washington Township) for 29.95. The bottle is BPA free and holds 22 oz.