Total Health Systems is Excited to Offer Something for the Whole Family this Summer!

kids 2With less and less time spent in physical education classes and more kids specializing in one sport there is a significant need for kids to learn correct exercise technique. Time spent now strengthening can help prevent overuse injuries that can come from specializing in one sport. Even if your child is not in a sport exposing your child to resistance training and learning correct exercise technique will pay off now and later when your child is older and has an interest in more traditional weight training.

Family FitRanX provides a safe, fun learning environment for both you and your child. Groups are kept small so your trainer can teach, and coach each of you. It’s a great way to spend time together.

Family FitRanx will run for 10 weeks from June 22 thru August 28. It’s quick, only a half hour and close to home! Session Times include:

Chesterfield kids 1
Tuesday and Friday 9:30am (With Sandy Lundgaard)

Clinton Township
Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 pm (With Chantell Robinson)

Other times may be available if you have a group of 3 or more.

Family FitRanx will be offered at a reduced rate for your family.

We will offer:
Family of 2 1x week = $235 Family of 2 2x week = $470
Family of 3 1x week = $285 Family of 3 2x week = $570

That breaks down to $13.50 per session for the parent, $10 per session for the first child and $5 per session for the 2 child. Normal cost is $15 per session for participants doing 12 weeks. You can save 10% by paying in full or we can break it into 2 payments for you. For more information or to sign up please email

kids 3Children must be at least 8 years old.
No $21 for 21 promotion for Summer Family FitRanx. If you would like to try FitRanx before beginning Family FitRanx you are welcome to try it for $21 for 21 days prior to June 22. Promotion only available for those who have not used promotion in the past.