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5 Expectations of a 5k Runner, Total Health Systems

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It’s finally warming up and many of us are starting to get more serious about our training. Our Total Health Systems team is made up of all kinds of different athletes. (we are all athletes in the game of life) Most of our team is doing the 5k. For some of you doing a 5k [...]

March is National Athletic Training Month!

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Across the U.S. athletic trainers are being recognized for their commitment to helping people prevent injuries, stay healthy and active. Athletic Trainers are health care professionals, highly educated and dedicated to the job at hand. Athletic Trainers can be found in high schools, colleges, corporations, professional sports, military, clinics, hospitals and physician offices. Laurie Nuyens [...]

Making “Dreadmill” running more fun (or at least tolerable), Total Health Systems

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It is inevitable that some of your training runs in Feb. and March will be safer if done on a treadmill (also affectionately called dreadmill). I would like to share some recommendations from top runners and coaches as well as some of my own that can help to make the treadmill effective, safe and maybe [...]

February Products of the Month, Women’s and Men’s Health, Total Health Systems

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Women's and Men's Health   Metagenics:  10% Off Estrovera, Ultra Prostagen, Original & Ultra Prostagen concentrate Standard Process:  10% Off Symplex F, Symplex M Be Sociable, Share!

Warming up and Dynamic Stretching first instead of Static Stretching

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Warming up first instead of stretching before a training session or a race whether it is running, swimming, cycling etc...Your body needs to be ready.   Your muscles need to be warm. While stretching is an important part of the cool down it does not help you warm up and get ready to train or [...]

Total Health Systems Virtual Tour!

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Total Health Systems is a full-service wellness facility that not only takes care of your pain, but provides you with the tools necessary to obtain optimal health and wellness. The strength of Total Health Systems lies in its unique fusion of healthcare services. We provide traditional medical services, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, one-on-one personal [...]

Total Health Systems Welcomes Chantell Robinson, Personal Trainer

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Chantell Robinson, Personal Trainer Chantell Robinson is an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, who has been in the fitness industry since 1999. With a wide array of certifications and fitness trainings under her belt, including, Zumba®, PiYo®, Turbo Kick®, TRX®, BodyCombat®, Cycle, Funky Beatz Fusion, CoreCamp, CoreBoxx, and many more, she teaches [...]

Low Back Pain in Overhead Sports, Mike Golemba, Physical Therapy Assistant, Total Heath Systems of Macomb County

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Sports such as volleyball, baseball, tennis, swimming and basketball are considered overhead sports. Sometimes those who participate in these sports suffer from low back pain and stiffness due to over extension and or overuse in the low back. This pain may be caused due to the in-ability of the shoulder or shoulders to properly flex [...]

Congratulations Total Health System’s Biggest Winners!! As a group you are already 40.2 pounds lighter!

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Keep up the great work! Be sure to follow your program and you WILL get the results you want! • Drink plenty of water • Eat 5-6 times /day – healthy meals and snacks every day • Follow your First Line Therapy food plan and eat all your servings each day • Drink and enjoy [...]

DOT Physicals and What You Need To Know, Total Health Systems

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DOT Physicals and What You Need To Know The Department of Transportation requires all commercial driver’s license holders (CDL) to receive periodic physical exams to ensure the ability of the driver to safely operate a commercial vehicle. As of May 2014 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrators (FMCSA) mandated those examinations to be performed by [...]