December Products of the Month, 10% Off all Chronic Disease Management Supplements

By | December 1st, 2018|Featured, Nutrition|

UltraMeal® Cardio 360° is a medical food formulated to provide specialized nutritional support within a nutritional management program for dyslipidemia. UltraMeal® Daily Support is a nutritious drink mix featuring a nutritious blend of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fats), phytonutrients , and essential vitamins and minerals. UltraMeal® Advanced Protein provides support for the nutritional management of [...]

Order Metagenics Products Online!

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  Take Advantage of savings when you order Metagenics Online!  The right nutrition can make all the difference.      20% Savings on Your First Order.  10% Off all reoccurring orders. Free shipping on all orders over $50 Your key to ordering online, CLICK HERE TO ORDER Browse your practitioner’s store and add recommended products [...]

February Products of the Month 10% Off All Omega Fatty Acids

By | December 31st, 2017|Featured, Nutrition|

Omegenics SPM Active:  A revolutionary new nutritional product developed through advanced technology featuring standardized levels of SPM's found in fish oil. A breakthrough in tissue health and immune response support. Omegenics Mega 10™ is the more complete omega formula for heart health. It delivers a powerful combination of purified omega 7 and omega 3 fatty [...]

May Products of the Month

By | December 30th, 2017|Featured, Nutrition|

May Products of the Month 10% Off All Probiotics Supplements UltraFlora™ Balance provides a dairy-free base for a proprietary blend of highly viable, pure strains of L. acidophilus NCFM® and B. lactis Bi-07 friendly bacteria that have been shown to support a healthy intestinal environment and immune health . UltraFlora® Spectrum provides multidimensional support for both [...]

June Products of the Month

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June Products of the Month 10% Off All Wellness Essentials Whole Body Support Wellness Essentials whole body support is formulated to support your nutritional needs to help you stay active and vital and maintain overall health.*  Wellness Essentials, Women, Women’s Prime, Men’s and Active. PhytoMulti takes you beyond basic wellness support. It has a proprietary [...]

September Products of the Month, 10% Immune System Support, Cold/flu

By | December 29th, 2017|Featured, Nutrition|

Metagenics:  ImmuCore™ is designed to provide a multiple mechanistic approach to support immune system function health through enhancing functions of natural killer cells, and T cells. This formula features Ultra Potent--developed for enhanced cellular uptake of vitamin --combined with zinc, vitamin D, and a concentrated blend of mushroom extracts.* Standard Process:  Immuplex ™ extracts to [...]

March 2018 Products of the Month, Digestion, Gastro-Intestinal Health

By | December 28th, 2017|Featured, Nutrition, Wellness|

March Products 2018: 10% Off All Digestion, Gastro-Intestinal Health UltraGI™ Replenish is a medical food formulated to provide specialized macro and micronutrient support for patients with compromised gut function with digestive disorders including malabsorption. UltraInflamX Plus 360° is a medical food formulated to provide strategic macro- and micronutrient support for patients with compromised gut function [...]

July Products of the Month, 10% OFF Inflammation Products from Metagenics and Standard Process

By | December 28th, 2017|Detox, Featured, Nutrition|

10% Off All Inflammation Products  Metagenics Inflavonoid Intensive Care® features highly bioavailable CurQfen® (curcumin and fenugreek) and XNT ProMatrix® (xanthohumol), which may help support the body's response to oxidative stress and other stressors. It also offers boswellia and ginger extracts, which may help support the body's immune response.* Standard Process Ligaplex II supports tissue and [...]

April Products of the Month

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April Products of the Month 10%  Off Seasonal Allergies, Standard Process      Allerplex & Metagenics Sinuplex Sinuplex® features a unique, ephedra-free blend of vitamin C, quercetin, nettle root extract, bromelain, and N-acetylcysteine--designed to support healthy sinus, nasal, lung, and respiratory function. Allerplex, with vitamin A and C, supports the body's ability to handle seasonal, environmental, and [...]

October Product of the Month, 10% OFF Women’s Supplements

By | December 25th, 2017|Featured, Nutrition|

10% Women’s Health Supplements Metagenics:  Estrovera™contains ERr 731™, a special extract of rhubarb root that has been shown in clinical studies to significantly reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms compared to placebo.* ♦ Clinically shown to dramatically reduce the number of daily menopausal hot flashes.* ♦ Clinically demonstrated to relieve a wide range of [...]