January Products of the Month

10% Off Detoxification Kits from Metagenics and Standard Process Metagenics:  The Clear Change® 10-Day Program featuring UltraClear RENEW® is designed to enhance the body's natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities—providing energy and support for overall well–being. Many people benefit from completing a 10–day metabolic detoxification program [...]

December Products of the Month

10% Off all Chronic Disease Management Supplements from Metagenics UltraMeal® Cardio 360° is a medical food formulated to provide specialized nutritional support within a nutritional management program for dyslipidemia. UltraMeal® Daily Support is a nutritious drink mix featuring a nutritious blend of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fats), phytonutrients , and essential vitamins and minerals. UltraMeal® [...]

Total Health Systems Welcomes Katrina Stachowiak, PA-C

Katrina graduated with her Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University Physician Assistant Program in 2000. Her first job after graduation was at Sparrow Emergency Department, Trauma Level 1, in Lansing, MI. She then moved to Port Huron and joined Physician Healthcare Network where she has worked the past 20 years.   She has worked in multiple [...]

Total Health Systems, Hour Detroit Magazine 2021 Top Chiropractors

Total Health Systems would like to announce that we have been selected by the vote of our peers to be included in Hour Detroit Magazine's 2021 Top Chiropractors. While chiropractic care routinely outperforms traditional treatments, patients have often been reluctant to seek advice outside the medical-surgical community. Yet with concerns over unsuccessful surgery and the [...]

January Products of the Month from Metagenics

10% OFF Detoxification Kits from Metagenics The Clear Change 10 Day Program by Metagenics  offers you a scientifically formulated supplement designed to support and promote the body's natural metabolic detoxification process. The program includes nutritional support, and web based tools and recipes designed to support and promote optimal health by supporting the detoxification process. What [...]

February Products of the Month

10% Off Heart Health & Omega Fatty Acids Supplements from Metagenics Metagenics Omegenics SPM Active: A revolutionary new nutritional product developed through advanced technology featuring standardized levels of SPM's found in fish oil. A breakthrough in tissue health and immune response support. Metagenics Omegenics Mega 10™ is the more complete omega formula for heart health. It [...]

July Products of the Month: 10% Off Inflammation Products from Metagenics

Metagenics Inflavonoid® features highly bioavailable CurQfen® (curcumin and fenugreek) and XNT ProMatrix® (xanthohumol), which may help support the body’s response to oxidative stress and other stressors.* Inflavonoid Intensive Care® also offers boswellia and ginger extracts, which may help support the body’s immune response.*  

October Products of the Month: 10% OFF Women’s Health Supplements by Metagenics

10% OFF Women’s Health Supplements Why Estrovera? Estrovera, a special extract of rhubarb root that has been shown in clinical studies to significantly reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms compared to placebo.*  Clinically shown to dramatically reduce the number of daily menopausal hot flashes.*  Clinically demonstrated to relieve a wide range of other menopausal [...]

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