Can Chiropractic Care Make You Healthier?

Chiropractic Care Boosts Immune System

Can Chiropractic Care Make You Healthier?

Immune Response ImprovedWith school starting in the next few weeks, it’s obvious that the summer is coming to an end, and soon we’ll be thinking about pumpkins, apple pie, Halloween costumes, and big comfy sweaters. It also means that the time of year that brings coughs and sniffles is also right around the corner. Most of us dread the thought of getting a cold or worse, the flu. Even if you get a flu shot, you can still get sick. We often don’t think of chiropractic care as a way to keep healthy, but it can significantly improve your immune response and chances of avoiding colds, the flu, and viral infections that come hand in hand with cooler weather.

A Stronger Immune Response System

Many of our patients who have a regular routine of chiropractic care tell us that they experience improved immune system response. Almost like their regular adjustments and chiropractic care is helping to make their immune system stronger. While there hasn’t been much research to support the idea of improved immune response from chiropractic care, it makes sense. Chiropractic focuses on caring for the spine and central nervous system. Your immune system is tied to your nervous system, so it only makes sense that a healthy central nervous system would support a stronger, more responsive immune system. We can’t promise that this will work for every client, but for most, regular chiropractic care seems to reduce illness and the number of days feeling under the weather.

More Activity

When your body’s central support system feels good and is working right, it’s easier to want to get out and be active. Regular chiropractic care keeps your spine and central joints in the correct alignment and moving freely. This means less pain day-to-day and less pain when participating in fitness or athletic activities. If you don’t hurt when you’re active, you are more likely to be active. An active lifestyle is directly related to improved, overall health. Active individuals are sick less often and their body is more prepared to fight off bacteria and viruses that can cause colds and the flu. Chiropractic care that keeps you active also keeps you healthy.

Overall Better Health

The fact of the matter is that chiropractic care makes people feel better in general. Regular chiropractic care makes you move easier, have less pain and better sense of well-being. This mindset of feeling good makes it easier to take care of your body and be active. Individuals that have a healthy mindset also tend to complement their regular chiropractic care and active lifestyle with good nutrition, lower stress, and a better outlook on living. All of these combined can keep your body strong, your immune system kicking, and your body better able to fight off the nasty bugs that bring the normal winter ailments.

There’s no reason that you can’t be ready for the winter onslaught of cold and flu bugs, with a healthy routine of chiropractic care combined with other healthy lifestyle choices. A holistic approach to caring for your body will keep your immune response system strong and ready to fight off anything that comes its way.

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