How a Good Detoxification Program Can Make You Feel Great

good detoxification programNo matter how healthy you try to be, your body will eventually need a good detoxification program. Toxins in our body have a negative impact on how our body functions and how we feel both physically and mentally. Even for the individuals that eat healthy and have a regular exercise routine, toxins can build up in your body and leave you feeling tired, and not on your game. A great way to improve your physical and mental well-being and to get your body feeling great again, is through a detoxification program. These programs are designed to clean toxins from your body, through natural products and a structured regime of diet and supplements.

Where do Toxins Come from?

Toxins are everywhere. We’re not saying that to scare you, but the reality is that everything you eat, drink, breath, and touch has a “toxin” of some sort. In this case, a “toxin” is a compound that your body is unable to digest or breakdown. Even the healthiest of foods that we eat have toxins or chemicals that are difficult for our body to process. Even some of our own physiological processes can create “toxins” as a by-product.  For example, when we exercise our muscles produce lactic acid. It is a normal by-product of muscle breakdown and exertion. However, when it builds up in our muscles, it can cause muscle fatigue and soreness. It won’t hurt you, but the body reacts to this product as a “toxin,” and has processes to remove the lactic acid from your muscles. Other ways that we acquire toxins in our body is through the air we breathe and through stress and digestion.

 What do Toxins do?

When toxins build up in your body, there can be a number of less than desirable effects. The first and most obvious sign that your body is holding on to too much junk, is that you will feel fatigued. Your level of energy will be lower, and you may even feel like you need to sleep more than normal. Even if you are active and have a healthy lifestyle, toxin build-up can make you feel just a little weak. The other thing that you will notice when your body is in need of detoxification is that you won’t be as mentally sharp as normal. You may have a hard time concentrating, tasks at work may seem more difficult, and you might just feel a little foggy in the head. All of these things are signs that your body is holding on to stuff it doesn’t need, and it’s time for a deep clean.

 How Does a Detox Work?

A body detoxification is a program that uses a combination of alterations to your diet, natural supplements, and products designed for removing toxins from your body. Detoxification cleanses have been in the news a lot, because many times the recommended process for detoxification and body cleansing is not healthy or doesn’t work. However, when you work with a registered dietitian or nutritionist on a healthy detoxification program, you will see much different results than you will with the internet’s latest detox craze. Healthy detoxification programs use an approach that utilizes food based nutrients and phytonutrients to boost your body’s natural processes and metabolism so that it can eliminate the junk in your cells, and get your body’s natural detoxification and cleansing processes working correctly again.

For More Information on Detox Programs Available at Total Health Systems

Detoxification that is done under the supervision of a professional that uses science-based principals for cleansing can be a wonderful way to feel better and get back some of your lost energy. At Total Health Systems, our professional nutritionists can help guide you through a safe and effective detoxification program. For more information on our nutrition services or to schedule an appointment, please call one of our convenient Macomb County, MI locations.