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treatment model vs wellness model counseling examplesWe all know at least one person in our social circle who is always sick. These people usually spend a significant amount of time complaining of health issues and an even greater amount of time hanging out with their doctor. This state of mind, which in the health industry is called the “sickness model,” is the traditional way that individuals have been taught to deal with their health. However, in recent years, with the explosion of the fitness industry and a new focus on holistic health, this mindset has started to change. Many health providers are helping their client’s transition from the “sickness model” to the “wellness model.” At Total Health Systems we practice under the wellness model, and believe it’s the best way to help our clients develop a healthy lifestyle.

What is the Wellness Model?

The wellness model is a theory in caring for clients and patients that takes the focus from being sick, to preventative care. In the model there is a strong emphasis on holistic care where the client or patient is encouraged to take part in healthy activities that create a stronger body and mind that can ward off illness, instead of relying on the traditional health system to care for a sick body. Wellness is not just a set of practices that are incorporated at the doctor’s office, but rather it’s a change in lifestyle. Wellness includes care from your regular physician, but also can include chiropractic, massage, nutrition, fitness and mental health care. All of these things make you a healthier person.

Who Benefits from the Model?

The wellness model is a great lifestyle for anyone. In our southeast Michigan offices, we see many clients who have long embraced the model. These clients visit regularly for chiropractic, massage, and take advantage of our nutrition and fitness programs. When we see clients who are constantly dealing with health issues, we try to encourage them to take up a wellness lifestyle. It is these clients who realize the greatest benefit from the model. After many years of battling health issues, some clients realize a new found freedom from medications, chronic pain and constant trips to their doctor.

How to Transition from Sickness to Wellness

This can be a big challenge for some of our clients. And the reality is, moving from a sickness state of mind to a wellness state of mind is incredibly personal. The key to transitioning from one model to the other is time and support. When we meet a new client who can benefit from the model, we address their immediate issues, and then create a positive and encouraging atmosphere that they can feel comfortable expanding into. If they’ve come to see us for chiropractic care, we may encourage them to support that function with a visit to one of our massage therapists or a fitness class. Treating the whole body with kindness and mindfulness is often all it takes to move a client from being “sick” to being “well.”

For More Information on Health And Wellness Services at Total Health Systems

A focus on being well, instead of resolving sickness, is a great lifestyle change that benefits many of our Macomb and Oakland County clients. Our holistic way of treating injury and improving the health and fitness of our clients is the perfect start for anyone looking to start a change in their overall health. Total Health Systems serves clients throughout southeast Michigan. If you are looking for a new perspective on health and wellness, call one of our convenient offices to schedule an appointment.

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