Our Total Health System’s Team continues to grow!


We are up to 25 runners. All of you will get the tee-shirt size and type you requested.      If you have friends who have not officially signed up. Now is the time. I will be submitting our tee-shirt order soon.

 Group Fitness Classes are great Cross Training.




Have you tried our Group Fitness classes! As a member of the THS Team you get a free pass to try any of our classes for free.  Just show up and give it a try. All Classes are held at the Chesterfield location.


Monday 7:15-8:15 pm Zumba

Tuesday 7:15- 8:15 pm Cardio Kickboxing

Wednesday 7:15-8:15 pm Yoga/Core Fusion

Thursday – no classes

Friday 7:15-8:15 pm Zumba Funky Beatz

Saturday 9-10 am CardioKickboxing


Free Fitness Lecture Coming Up


Finding your Fitness Focus. Find out how to make the most of the time you dedicate to your workouts. Does your weekly workout routine include everything you need?

Thursday, March 15, 7-8pm, Chesterfield

Sign up the Front Desk


Half Marathon Group Runs on Sundays!


Marisa Hubinger, one of our Massage Therapists, will be doing the half marathon. She has offered to lead some group runs on Sunday’s for our half marathoners. Having some company during some of those longer runs is really nice. Don’t worry about your pace, keeping up or being slow. Everyone will run their own pace. Even if you run just run a few miles with someone it really helps make the time go.


Meet up with some other runners this Sunday at 9:00 am at Stony Creek. Park in the boat launch parking lot. Meet near the picnic table that is by the 0 mile mark on the trail. Email Marisa and let her know you will be coming and for more details. Be sure to

email Marisa if you plan on attending. marisa_elaine@yahoo.com,



Weekly Running Tip


Don’t skimp on Running Shoes


If you are running in a walking shoe, a cross trainer shoe, or worn pair of running shoes STOP!   One of the easiest ways to prevent injury and make running more enjoyable is get a good pair of running shoes. For most casual runners you should think about spending between $80 and $120.


I recommend going to a running store like Hansons and being properly fitted. They can look at your foot, you current

running shoes and make recommendations for you.


  • Typically if you have been running in a certain brand and been happy with it you can start there. But be open to at least trying on other brands. You might not know what you have missing.
  • Bigger- Running shoes should be a half size to full size bigger than your casual shoe. Wiggle Room – You should have about a thumb’s width of room between the end of your longest toe and the front of the shoe.
  • Hold It – Look for a secure, comfortable fit through the midfoot. Imagine a hand gently holding your foot in place.
  • The Heel Deal – There should be little or no slipping at the heel.
  • Running is pretty cheap sport compared to many other sports. You already have a nice moisture wicking shirt coming your way so spend your money on a good pair of shoes.
  • I encourage to make the investment in a good pair shoes.



“Remember the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.”

-Sarah Condor

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