Myofascial releaseLooking for “myofascial release near me”? If so, you are not alone. An increasingly popular massage treatment at Total Health Systems is myofascial release therapy. Your first question is probably “what is myofascial release?”. This type of physical therapy is used to treat a chronic pain disorder known as myofascial pain syndrome. The syndrome causes sensitivity in and around the tissues that support your body’s muscles. For many people, the therapy helps to ease the tightness and leads to a better quality of life.

Benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial release offers several benefits to many types of people. In addition to people with the chronic pain disorder, those who have chronic headaches or venous insufficiency also frequently use the treatment. Although the biggest benefit of the therapy is the relief of soreness in the muscles, it has other advantages as well.

  • Improves range of motion by breaking down knots in the muscles
  • Improved blood circulation and oxygenation of the muscles
  • Corrects muscle imbalances so that exercise is not as restricted
  • Relaxes both body and mind

What You Can Expect

Myofascial release near meA myofascial release massage uses gentle strokes and pressure over the entire body and on specific areas that feel less elastic than others. Overall, the therapy works best when performed over a broad area, even if it isn’t close to where the client feels the pain. This is because the tension reduction occurs throughout the body.

A typical myofascial release appointment lasts at least 30 minutes but is preferably an hour long and takes place at the hands of one of our trained therapists. The treatment should be done every few days or a period of a few months to a few weeks. Some people also choose to have the massage done each day or to keep using the therapy for years. The therapy is often used in conjunction with other treatments, including heating pads or ice packs, stretching exercises and pain relievers.

Myofascial Release Near Me

For all of you looking for “myofascial release near me”, if you or your doctor believe you may benefit from myofascial release therapy, we want to help. Contact the team at Total Health Systems to schedule your consultation.

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“Had a 1 hour deep-tissue massage. I was a little worried the woman was tiny, and I’m 6’5″ over 300 lbs. But she did a great job. I’m sorry I didn’t get her card. She sure earned her$. I’ll be going back.”