Free Weight loss Wellness and Detox Seminar, Wednesday, January 23, 6-7pm, 28098 23 Mile Rd, Chesterfield, Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness and Weight Loss Management 

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  • Learn how a Metabolic Detoxification  Program can change your life! Every day you are exposed to numerous chemical that can affect the way you feel.
  • Tired, Achy, Poor concentration, Irritable/Moody, Sleep disturbances, Bloated, Indigestion
  • A Nutritional Metabolic Detox can significantly change your life and re-energize your body. Plus, you will lose weight, sleep better, have better concentration, less moody, healthy digestion, and feel healthier! 

Attend a seminar and receive $10 off a one hour massage.  Bring a family member or friend to a seminar and receive a 1/2 hour massage.

Ask about our free BIA testing for the month of January!  Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) is a method of assessing your “body composition”- the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass. It is an integral part of a health and nutrition assessment. Improving your BIA measurement by lowering your percentage of unhealthy body fat can help reduce your risk to a variety of serious health conditions.