I’m Amazed at How Good I Feel!


Nancy Kempisty Commitst to the Biggest Winner Program and Has Taken 2nd Place in Total Health’s Weight Loss and Wellness Program!

Total Weight Loss – 33.8 pounds

Total Inches Lost – 25.5 inches

Most Dramatic Lifestyle Changes –

  • “Giving up pop! I cannot believe I did it, but pop is no longer part of my daily food plan!”
  • “I now exerise 4-5 times per week versus 1-2 times per week”
  • “I have increased my water intake daily and feel great!”
  • “I am so much more aware of what I am putting into my body. It is healthy food.”
  • “I have increased the amount of my meals and snacks to 5-6 times per day.”
  • “I feel full and it is often a challenge to eat all the foods on my meal plan – that has never happened before in my life!”

Food Plan Helped Me Lose WeightThis is Nancy Kempisty’s recent testimony of her experience with Total Health’s Biggest Winner program. Nancy began her program and has not looked back. Along the way, she has also completed her first 5K race and did great! She has worked very hard, and has come in 2nd place in our Biggest Winner Program!

Nancy began Total Health System’s “Biggest Winner” and First Line Therapy Program because she was interested in losing weight and inches, having more energy, and feeling stronger. Once she made that decision, she began her program with a great positive attitude and true grit! There has never been a time she has left her weekly Biggest Winner class without a smile on her face, and saying “I will keep going and will not ever give up on my goal.” No matter what the challenges have been, Nancy has met them head on, always willing to try to make a positive change. She works hard at meeting her goals, and does not back down when challenges come her way.

Nancy learned the First Line Therapy Program quickly, as she had always been interested in healthy and natural foods and lifestyle. The food plan is easy to follow and great for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugars, losing weight and inches, and is very healthy and natural. It is rich in lean meats, colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, healthy oils and nuts, and lots of water to stay well hydrated, and it is based on the American Heart Association diet and the healthy Mediterranean food plan.

Our patients say they feel good, have more energy, sleep better, lose weight and inches, and enjoy the food plan that has plenty of food choices. We are also insurance based for many of our patients that have one of the qualifying health indicators – high blood pressure, high cholesterol or triglycerides, or high blood sugar. If you are interested in getting healthier, feeling stronger, and want more energy, give us a call!

If you are interested in learning more about our “Biggest Winner” program and First Line Therapy Food Plan, please contact Diane Delf, RN, Director of Weight Loss and Wellness, at ddelf@totalhealthsystems.com

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