Total Health Systems is Offering Detox Programs in Macomb County

Hello, my name is Diane Delf and I’m the director of weight management and wellness here at Total Health Systems. We’re a multi-disciplinary clinic and we are here to help you in any way that we can. Today I’m going to talk to you a little about what we’re so excited about. It’s called the detox, detoxification program. You may have heard about it in the past. We have a variety of different ways and why, you ask, would you want to do a detox? Well, if you’re someone who’s been experiencing headaches, feeling low energy, maybe you’re not sleeping well, you have fatigue, maybe your muscles are hurting you, and your joints are hurting you. It could be any variety of these things. Digestive issues, or maybe you just feel like you are not on your best. Your compass is off center. So we’d recommend a detox. So what do you do?

The first step is you give us a call and you sign up to come in for a nutritional consult. There’s no charge for that which is great. You come in, bring in your labs, your blood work, any medications you may be on and just sit and talk for a while and we help you to decide which detox program is best for you. We have a 10 day detox, we have a 21 day detox and a 28 day detox.

So the next step is to fill out a form like this. It’s called the detox questionnaire.  It’s a simple form that you fill out and it has everything from head, eyes, ears, nose, weight, joint, muscle, digestive system and then on the back, you can grade it and then we can figure just out exactly how toxic you are. The question no longer is, are we toxic? It’s the amount of toxins we now have. So we often ask ourselves, how do we become toxic?

Well, a variety of different ways. Just in our environment. Everything we breathe, we touch, we hear, we smell and we inhale these things. We have fertilizers out there, we walk down isles at grocery stores where we can barely breathe sometimes with all the different laundry detergents. We have bacterias in us that cause different toxins,  a variety of different ways.

So what we do first is do an assessment and find out just exactly how toxic you are and in what area is it most important for you to cleanse. Many people come to us because they have digestive issues. They’re bloated. They’re gassy. They’re just feeling miserable. They have heartburn, and a detox program will help with that, as well. A lot of folks come to us because they have pain issues, and so we work with that as well. We’ve got people with fibromyalgia, all different kinds of chronic fatigue, and arthritis. Detox can help with all those things.

So again, the first step would be to call and make an appointment. Come in and sit down and talk. Go over the questionnaire, we have you fill it out. Go over any labs you might have, any medications you are on and the next step is to decide if you want the 10 day detox program, the 21 day detox program. There’s a 28 day detox program too.

The goal of detox is for you to cleanse your intestines and your liver and you want to make sure you do it nutritionally sound. There are detoxes out there that have you fast. You’re drinking water, your juice detoxes, these are not good for your body because your body has to be compromised. We want you to be nutritionally fortified while doing your detox. It’s scientifically based. Based actually on 20 years of research is our Metagenic company here. So we decide which detox is for you and the goal is to have more energy and to lose weight. We all are looking to lose weight after the holiday season. So, you will lose weight on detox.

We want you to sleep deeper. We want to help to improve your memory. We want you to just to feel better and feel stronger. Your workouts will be better as well. You’re just going to feel better all around. So once you fill out your form and make your appointment, you can decide what detox you’d like. Once you do that we actually have webinars you can go on. You go online and have daily tips that will come to you, and there’s recipes. I will be your detox coach through the whole thing to help you with any kind of questions you many have. The whole idea is we want you to be reenergized when you are done.

So why this time of year are we talking about this? This is a perfect time of year to be doing this, to be getting ready for your detox. Most people like to do it right after the holidays are over. It’s a great way to start your new year off. It’s a great way to get in shape, clear your mind, cleanse your body, get rid of pain, get rid of indigestion. It can do all these things for you.

Total Health Systems is Offering Detox Programs in Macomb County

So if you’re interested in getting more energy, sleeping deeper, feeling better,  getting rid of indigestion, give us a call.  My name is Diane Delf and we’re here at this number:  586-228-0270. It’s our Clinton Township office. But we also have two other clinics one in Washington and one in Chesterfield. So we look forward to hearing from you.

For more information on detox programs in Macomb County Call: 586-228-0270