anne gallagher of total health systemsGetting the Word Out on Total Health Systems – Anne Gallagher, Director of Public Relations, Total Health Systems of Macomb County


When I was a junior in high school in Anchor Bay, I needed a job to pay for my car payments.  A friend told me about a position available at a chiropractor’s office in New Baltimore.  I jumped at the chance because the hours worked with my schedule at school.  I worked at that facility until my sophomore year in college.  I learned how to run the front desk, take x-rays, process patients on the computer, work with insurance companies, went to motivational seminars, and scheduled events at the clinic.


I was also a patient.  I loved chiropractic and how I felt while utilizing the treatments.  I began to tell others about chiropractic.  As a result, many of my family and friends became patients.  The best story is my dad.  He would get bronchitis every year and his neck would bother him all the time.  He finally listened to me and became a chiropractic patient. The doctor said my dad had the worst neck he had ever seen.  He said with time his cervical area would improve.  My dad was amazed how much better he felt and his chronic bronchitis went away.  He has now been a lifelong chiropractic patient.


When I first met my husband, back in 1986, I was excited by the fact that his dad was a chiropractor and his family was into health and a drug free way of life.  This was a continuation of my journey in the healthcare field.  I was surrounded by people who took a more natural approach to their health.


When I graduated from college with a marketing degree, my father in law thought I would be a good fit for marketing Gallagher Chiropractic clinics.  My job was to host dinners for prospective patients and give talks about the chiropractic lifestyle.  When Gallagher Chiropractic Clinic was converted to Total Health Systems, and multiple services were added, my position evolved as well.  Managing supplement sales, attending screenings, writing brochures, designing ads, writing procedure manuals, managing and ordering supplies,  website development and so many other areas involving public relations.


Being responsible for so many areas of the company, I have come to realize the most important job is talking about what Total Health Systems is, our mission, what we do and why someone should come to see us.   Referring others has been the most rewarding.  When I see friends, family, colleagues, walking our hallways and the smiles in their faces, I feel that I have done my job.


Being a part of Total Health Systems has truly changed my life.  Being able to market wellness care to our nearby communities has been an inspiration and a great challenge.  With all of the services and the new location, we have so much to offer.  I feel we are on the cutting edge of health and wellness care and have been for a long time.


The greatest example of the effect Total Health Systems has had on our patients is hearing a patient tell their story. People like reading about others and their experiences, especially if it pertains to them.  They may feel a connection, thought or learn something new.  It may change their mind, open their mind or give them a new prospective.  To read some of these testimonials, you can go to the Total Health Systems of Macomb County website,