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Are you ready to lose weight, body fat, and inches? Do you want to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, tryglycerides, and blood sugar?

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Do you lack energy, and zest for life? Are you feeling sluggish, out of shape, and realize life is going by, and there is so much more you want to do? Is there a sport, or an event that you always wanted to do, but were not sure how to go about starting?

Total Heath Systems is the place to start! At Total Health we can guide and get you started on a health and fitness program. We have a variety of health care professionals that are ready to assist you in achieving your goals, and enjoy the benefits of improved health and fitness, reduced pain, along with increased energy and joy in life! Become part of the team!

We would like to share stories about some of our employees, and how they began their health and wellness journey. The stories are interesting, diverse, and motivating, and tell how seeking fitness and good health often leads to dramatic lifestyle cPiotr, Total Health Systemshanges. You may be surprised to learn what motivated them to begin their first step to improved health and wellness, and how it has changed their lives!

Piotr Kasprzyk, PT, Director of Physical Therapy 
Triathlete, Ironman

Piotr recently completed the Anchor Bay Triathlon 2015 and placed third in his age group, out a a large field of athletes, earning him a trophy for this event. This is his 8th year in a row completing the Anchor Bay Triathlon, which has been held annually for the last 30 years, and is an event that Total Health Systems proudly sponsors. Each time Piotr has trained and completed an event, it has led to increased fitness, endurance, and improved race performance. What motivated Piotr to make the shift from (in his own words), “Couch to Ironman”? How did he go from relaxing on the couch to completing a full Ironman, which is an epic triathlon that consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run (yes, that is a full marathon!!).

Piotr began his lifestyle change in 2007, when he made the decision to transform his health. He was ready to make a change and wanted improved health, weight loss, more energy, and to increase his fitness and endurance. He chose an Ironman race as his goal!

One of the first steps Piotr did was do a Metabolic 21 Day Standard Process Detox. It was a challenge for sure, Piotr3but the results were dramatic. He had more energy, felt better and had a significant weight loss as well.

After the Detox, Piotr followed a healthy food plan, and started working out consistently. He continued to lose weight, gain strength and endurance, and increased his fitness. He began a training program, and registered for local road races and triathlons. Since Piotr’s commitment to improved health, he has lost 45 pounds, gained more muscle, and increased his fitness and endurance. He achieved his goals and did his first Ironman in 2010, and has since completed numerous other triathlons and road races. He is now preparing for his second Ironman in August 2015, at Muskoka, Canada.

The switch from “Couch to Ironman” was a daily journey. Making lifestyle changes is rewarding, challenging, inspiring, and requires great discipline and commitment. The results are life changing. We wish Piotr continued success on his journey to increased health and wellness, and another amazing Ironman race!

Author, Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness and Weight Management, Total Health Systems