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Hello, my name is Diane Delf, and I am the director of weight management and wellness at Total Health Systems. We’re a multidisciplinary clinic, and we are here to provide one on one care for you to help you through all your health care needs.

We are multidisciplinary. We have physical therapy, chiropractic, massage,  and nutrition. We have M.D.s on site. We have everything here that can help you to become the best you can be.

I’m here today to talk to you a little bit about one of our biggest programs, it’s called The Biggest Winner, and we’re here to help you become the biggest winner. We are basing this program on our first line therapy which is an amazing food plan which is based on the American Heart Association food plan and the Mediterranean. It’s very healthy. It’s whole foods with some supplements. You will feel so good. Our patients say that they feeling great, they’re full, they have more energy, they can sleep better for the first time; they’re just feeling good. Also, it can help to lower your cholesterol naturally, help to lower your blood pressure, your triglycerides, all the things that you’re working on if you want to become healthier. We’re also insurance based for many of our patients, if they qualify with one of the qualifying indicators that we just mentioned and your insurance will cover most of our programs.

Our newest program is The Biggest Winners. We meet on Wednesday nights at 5:30 in our Chesterfield clinic. We are there to provide additional support. It’s a group support meeting. Half of it is actually group fitness training so you get a great opportunity to work with a personal trainer at no charge. She will walk you through a number of different exercises, flexibility, aerobics, strengthening, all kinds of different activities to help you become the best you can be.

We’re also going to be part of this by being motivational and educational. We will also do a lot of body, mild and spirit work to find out why exactly the weight is there. Not only do we want to get it off, we want to keep it off permanently. So, we’re here to help you kind of do a little digging to find out where it’s coming from, how to get rid of it and how to keep it off, forever.

So, if you’re interested at all, please give us a call. Our number if 586-228-0270. We’ll be glad to help you. We can schedule you for a free nutritional counsel. We’ll have you come in, and go over your medical health history with you, labs, any medications you’re on , supplements, and we can help you to set goals. We can also schedule you to come in for bioimpedance testing, which will help us to determine exactly what your body composition is. It’s a gold standard for figuring these things out. We can figure out how much of your body is lean muscle, how much of it is fat. What’s your hydration status? Is most of your water on the inside of your cells or on the outside of your cells? We can also figure out your base metabolic rate to figure out just how many calories you need to lose weight successfully, to feel good, to keep it off. So give us a call. Come out and join us, you may become the biggest winner.

Total Health Systems – Biggest Winner

Listen to what some of our clients have to say about the Biggest Winner weight loss program.

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Here are a few sneak peaks into our meetings.

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Total Health Systems – Biggest Winner