Winter Outdoor Running TipsWe will have our first group training run this Saturday at 10:10 am from our Chesterfield clinic. We will meet in the basement at 10:00 for a dynamic warm up then we will head out. We will walk, jog or run out for 15 minutes and then turn around and come back to the clinic.  (Bring a watch to help you keep time)

The  weather Saturday morning looks to be just below 40.  If you have not done any training outside or are not sure what to wear here are a couple tips

  • You don’t need as much as you think -once you get moving you will warm up and sweat.  Imagine you are going out to shovel snow.
  • Wear several thin layers of moisture wicking clothing.
  • Wearing two pairs of polypropylene socks keeps your feet warmer and drier than one heavy pair.
  • Be smart, protect your head -cover head or at least  your ears. For Saturday I would recommend covering your whole head with a hat.

I also like to have a neck warmer to keep my neck warm and to pull up around my face when I first start.