Dr. Rose Minkiewicz - Sinus Infections & TonsillitisFrom as far back as I can remember I was sure I was going to become a doctor; I just didn’t know what kind. I suppose it was because I spent so much of my youth in doctors ‘offices and hospitals. I was a very sickly child. I had tonsillitis and sinus infections at least 4 times a year from the time I was 6 years old. I also had a chronic migraines that started around the same age and seemed to last until I was about 22. Additionally, I was my mother’s primary care giver throughout her struggle with three types of cancer beginning when I was 10 until I was 20. I knew how horrible I felt when I was sick so I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others not feel as horrible as I did.

Throughout high school and my first three years of undergraduate study, I became more focused on becoming a medical doctor. I had thought that I would become a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon because I was good with children and it was especially heart-breaking to see young people suffering. About three years into my bachelor’s degree, my health seemed to be on a steady decline. I was in constant agony. My migraines had become part of my daily life. I would spend days at a time in my darkened bedroom crying and vomiting endlessly. I was definitely at my breaking point. I had been through every diagnostic test several times over; repeated MRIs, EEGs, blood tests, etc…, and was taking two prescription medications and approximately 10 ibuprofen per day. On top of that, I was getting stomach ulcers from all the medications. I could no longer concentrate in school or work and was thinking of dropping out of college. While discussing my decision with my mother one afternoon, she half-heartedly mentioned that seeing a chiropractor might help. I had no clue what a chiropractor even was…beyond the typical “bone-cracker” and the “Don’t see them, they will just hurt you and make you come back forever…” comments from people. I was willing to try anything so I called immediately for an appointment with the chiropractor that my mom had seen some 20 years prior for a work injury. I remember thinking while I was waiting for the office to answer the phone, if this didn’t work then my plan for becoming someone who could help other people with their illnesses would have to come to an end.

I was able to get in that evening. I endured the excruciating head pain and nausea throughout the x-rays and physical examination. Finally, the doctor explained that my neck was out of alignment and that the communication between my brain and my nerves and blood vessels was being “interrupted” and he gave me my first adjustment. When he was finished, I thought “Was that it? What a joke, I just spent nearly two hours here and he touched me for what felt like two seconds and now he is sending me on my way!!!” I left feeling just as disheartened as when I walked in the door. But about an hour and a half later, something happened – my headache was gone! I slept through that night – my first full night of sleep in nearly ten years. From that point on, I strictly adhered to his recommendations for being adjusted, and as time passed, the migraines became less frequent and severe and the sinus infections and other illness went away as well! I literally felt as if I was given a new life and with it I refocused all of my educational efforts toward becoming a chiropractic physician. Throughout the rest of my formal education and my practical experience from working with THS, I now know that if the cause of the symptom is found, whether it is nerve, blood vessel, muscle, or a combination of these structures, with the proper investigation and care, our bodies can heal and we don’t have to suffer needlessly. Moreover, not only can we help people when they are sick or injured, but we can also educate as to how to limit/prevent the illnesses/injuries in the future. Please don’t wait as long as I did to find a solution, call us at Total Health Systems of Macomb County to see if we can help you regain your health.