Relentless Detroit Wrap Up!


For the last 12 weeks, Total Health Systems has been raising funds for a charity called Relentless Detroit.

Relentless Detroit Wrap-Up This organization supports children and their families who are going through cancer treatment or treatment for other potentially fatal illnesses. These families are in desperate need of financial and spiritual support to get through and beat these illnesses.

Relentless Detroit raises the majority of their funds for the year via one large powerlifting event Nov 6-7 in Detroit. I am proud to report that this year, the event raised over $200,000 to support these families. Total Health Systems was able to raise $5,500.00 with our fundraiser!

Our staff alone personally contributed over $500.00 to the fundraiser! I want to personally thank them for stepping up and helping the Relentless families.IMG_0451
For those who have been following, Total Health Systems had decided that every donor to the fundraising page was be entered in a raffle to win a Brand new Human Touch automated massage chair 7.1 (a $2099.00 value)! Lindsay, a former Relentless sponsored child, drew the name for us, and Lisa McDonald won the massage chair! Congrats to Lisa!
The large part of the event was a powerlifting meet, in which I participated. I was happy with my performance, benching 420lbs for a new personal best lift. That was really secondary to what this meet was all about, supporting these RelentlIMG_0449ess families.
Having a chance to meet some of the families and talk with them, it is so evident the powerful work this charity performs. The fundraising is extremely important, but the emotional and spiritual support from this group of lifters and supporters is the backbone of the event. It is truly a family atmosphere. The positive energy from every individual is amazing.
We are hoping to be a part of this event in the coming years and to continue to support Relentless Detroit. I want to personally thank all of those in the Total Health Systems Family (patients, employees, business partners, etIMG_0446c.) who contributed to this cause. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and continue to live your life with Relentless passion!

-Aaron Lundgaard, DC, CSCS-Director of Clinical Services

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