Paul brings a wealth of life experiences to the table, including reducing his A1C numbers quitting smoking, and 50 pound weight loss.


(A1C is level watched closely with diabetes).  After going thru his own weight loss journey, Paul’s trainer encouraged him to share his passion for health and fitness and earn his own personal training certificate.   While taking classes for his certification, he met Carrie Blankertz another Total Health Systems  personal trainer.  Carrie was one of his instructors for his W.I.T.S certification.  Carrie, knowing Paul has a lot to offer our clientele at Total Health, encouraged him to complete his internship wpaul-jones-personal-trainer-total-health-systemsith Total Health Systems.

Paul has worked with some of the top trainers in S.E. Michigan for many years.    Paul has experience with weight loss, nutrition, smoking cessation, cardio programing including heart rate training, free weights, yoga, stretching, and weight machines.  Paul wants to share his knowledge, passion, and desire for success with you. A trainer for the rest of us!

Favorite Motto: “It’s never to late to begin”