Robin Antonian is a mother of three wonderful children. Jessica her oldest, currently lives in Arizona. Dillion and her youngest child Alec reside with her in the Downriver area.


Alec has been diagnosed with Astrocytoma. As you can imagine, having a child suffering from a disease like this is both Antonian-Family 1heartbreaking and stressful.
Alec is now 17 years old and has been temporarily taken off chemotherapy. Due to chemotherapy year after year Alec has developed some problems with his liver.
Due to Alec’s treatment for Astrocytoma, Alec’s body has stopped growing and functioning as it should normally.
Alec’s family says that this experience has made them stronger, better people and they know that no matter how tough things seem, God has a plan and he will guide their family through this matter.
We are thankful to have met this family and are proud to welcome Alec and his family to Relentless Detroit as a RD Kid for 2015.
The Antonian family plans to temporarily keep Alec off chemotherapy in order to try to allow his tissues to heal and to allow his body to get stronger.

Alec-Antonian-2They have faith that when it comes time to start chemotherapy again that Alec will meet and overcome this challenge once and for all. Alec is very much looking forward to being able to get back to doing the things he loves like playing soccer.

With open arms we welcome the Antonian family to Relentless Detroit.