Massage Therapy Services Open at Total Health Systems

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We are currently providing Chiropractic, Medical, Physical Therapy, Primary Care, Massage Therapy, Telemedicine and Nutrition Services at all Total Health Systems locations.

We have taken precautionary measures in our offices to ensure your safety. After each patient visit: our patient rooms, front desk, and lobby are all wiped down and sanitized. As an added precaution we are using a new sign-in form for every patient. This form will be signed by every patient with every visit into our office as a screening tool. We have also installed clear plastic barriers at all front desk areas at each location. This will help maintain social distancing and physical separation.

Basic Infection Prevention Measures

To protect our employees and patients, we must emphasize basic infection prevention measures. As appropriate, all employees should implement good hygiene and infection control practices, including:

  • Frequent and thorough hand washing.  Utilize soap and water and spend a minimum of 20 seconds scrubbing all surfaces of your hands.  Alcohol based hand sanitizer may be used in place of hand washing when appropriate.
  • At first signs of sickness, employees and patients should remain at home.  Specifically with COVID-19, coughing, fever, and upper respiratory symptoms are predominant.  Our medical department will write you a script for COVID testing which can be taken a testing site listed below.
  • Encourage and use respiratory etiquette:  This means covering coughs and sneezes with the corner of your arm/elbow.
  • Proper use of tissues and trash receptacles for tissue waste and hand sanitization after use.
  • Using hospital grade germicidal (Citrus II or Protex) to regularly clean exposed surfaces.  This includes treatment surfaces, commonly shared equipment, phones, and keyboards.  Disposable towels should be used when possible.  For sensitive fabrics and surfaces, please condition with Crypton Vinyl/Leather protector at the end of each morning and evening shift.
  • Between each patient encounter, all exposed surfaces should be cleaned with hospital grade germicidal (Citrus II or Protex).
  • Using treatment paper on tables after disinfecting and keeping it fresh for each new patient
  • Changing bedding (to be laundered) after patient changeover and using disinfectant on surfaces.
  • Please do not share work stations concurrently when possible.  When you sit down at a workstation, use described disinfection control and maintain your own work station.  If you must move to another workstation, follow the same protocol at the beginning of your shift and the end.  This includes keyboards, mouse, phones, headsets, etc.
  • Plexiglas guards are installed at each entry location to protect employees and patients during check in and check out procedures.
  • Seating is arranged to maintain safe distancing (6ft) and reminder dot are posted in gathering areas to maintain this safe distances.
  • We will post signs at entrance(s) instructing patients to wear a face covering when inside.
  • Due to the nature of our healthcare services, safe distancing cannot always be maintained.  Cloth masks are provided and available to all administrative employees for use when needed to maintain patient and employee comfort at times when safe distancing cannot be performed.  Surgical masks are available for use to all healthcare providers in management of non-COVID positive patients.
  • We must ask patients to wear a face covering when in the facility, except as necessary for identification or to facilitate an examination or procedure, or in cases where the patient has a medical complaint or complication that could arise from wearing a mask.
  • We will have lunchtime appointments available upon request for highly vulnerable patients, i.e. elderly and those with chronic conditions.
  • Place hand sanitizer at patient entrances.
  • Have disposable facemasks available at the front desk check in in case a patient does not have their own.
  • We are requiring employees to make proper use of personal protective equipment in accordance with guidance from the CDC and the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration.
The physicians and staff at Total Health Systems remain committed to serving our patients and the community during these unfamiliar conditions. Total Health Systems launched a simple, easy to use online Telemedicine platform that allows patients, from their home, to connect with their Total Health Systems PCP provider. When you call for an appointment at any of our offices, our staff can explain the telemedicine option and see if it is right for your situation.
If you are sick and symptomatic, expect a phone call from our providers ahead of your visit. This will help us determine if it should be an in office visit, telemedicine visit, or if you should be referred to a hotline and or hospital (for COVID-19 assessment).

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