Total Health Systems has encouraged our patients to participate in the Let’s Move Festival of Races 2017 for the last 7 years.

The Let’s Move Festival of Races 2017 took place this year on April 29 under gray cool skies with a bit of a breeze.  Let's Move Festival of Races 2017

Total Health Systems encourages our patients, their families, and their friends to participate in the event.  Patients who sign up for the race can use the Total Health Systems discount code, and are invited to various workshops throughout March and April.  This year we held 5 workshops and seminars.  Including, Training Kick off, Core Training for Athletes, This is How We Roll, and Loosen Up athletes, and Fire Up for Race Week.

In addition to the free education, Total Health Systems provides a Team THS tee shirt to everyone who signs up to participate as part of the Total Health Systems Team. After completing the race team members can pick up a gift certificate for a massage.

This year on race day we met near the grand stand and participated in the group led warm up and took lots of pictures with THS staff and patients.  This year 4 of the THS staff participated in the race, Laurie, Diane, Anne the PA and Piotr the PT.

We have many participants that have participated in this event all 6 years. Some of these athletes are working to improve their time each year. This year both Diane and Anne took home hardware.   (Hardware is race lingo for they placed in their age group and will take home a trophy or plaque to commemorate their achievement).  Anne gave the finish line volunteers a good scare as she puked across the finish line.  We teased her that she should know better.  Anne explained, she gets up and eats so early she did feel like she needed a small second breakfast before the 9:40 race started.

We also have a large number of people who have never done an event like this, they are just looking to finish with a smile on their face. Doing an event like this with Team Total Health provides a lot of support and tips to first timers.  Laurie, our Fitness Program Director, provides information like what is a bib, where to stand, how early to get there, and where to get there, this helps to calm many of the first timers nerves.

This year we had a large number FitRanX athletes that participated this year. Many of these athletes, did not train specifically for the event but the conditioning and fitness they have acquired from FitRanx allowed for them to jog the whole thing.  A quite amazing testament to their fitness and dedication to FitRanX.

Congratulations to all 75 athletes of our Total Health Systems Team!  You can pick up your massage gift certificate by stopping by the clinic where you picked up your tee shirt.

Half Marathon participants

The fun is not over, if a one of the Total Health Systems personal trainers spots you at another race this season in your THS tee shirt you could be presented with another give certificate for a massage.

Thank you to everyone that participated!  Keep training, keep racing!Save