jennifer lutz of total health systemsWorking at a multi-disciplinary health clinic is not just a job. It is my way of life. Through chiropractic care, I have found a healthy and natural alternative to many common issues such as pain, chronic health conditions and overall improved health. When I first started chiropractic, I had no idea the benefits I would feel!


I suffer from severe asthma and chronic bronchitis. After years of shoving drugs into my body to control these issues, it was really starting to take a toll on me and my wallet. My doctor never wanted to take the time to discuss any other options or treatments, and when I mentioned chiropractic, he basically told me I was crazy.


My general observations of a medical physicians’ attitude toward the field of chiropractic has been full of warnings and avoidance, until being introduced to Total Health Systems of Macomb County.  For most of my previous physicians, the implied attitude was that “these doctors practice voodoo-like treatments”. But I must say my “curse” has been traditional medicine. My conditions were being controlled by toxic, poisonous, outrageously priced drugs via the pharmaceutical industry that care for a “condition” instead of the “whole patient”.  Luckily, the medical physicians at Total Health Systems work “with” our chiropractors to provide comprehensive evaluation and services.


When I started chiropractic care, my doctor took the time to discuss my issues and listened to my concerns. My questions were finally being answered. I began to understand my condition, what causes it and how to treat the true cause of my problems. Never before had I had an explanation of how, why, or what I could do to help. What a different concept, becoming active in your own healthcare!


I know most people believe chiropractic is just for pain relief, but there really is so much more involved. After a few months of adjustments, my asthma symptoms had improved by 50%. I was becoming ill less frequently, my attitude was better and I could focus. Not only has my life improved, but also the lives of the countless patients we see every day.


It is so rewarding to be thanked by the people we treat. The conditions we can help with are endless; from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, to fibromyalgia, or severe back pain. I have seen patients come in that could barely move or sit, and after their adjustment walk out with a smile on their face. It is exciting to see a patient learn that there are other methods of treatment besides pharmaceuticals.


“Here I am a real patient, a real whole person again”, a patient once told me. “In a few weeks of treatment I have found a well being that 10 years of traditional physician, specialist and psychologist treatments have not even touched upon”. Our methods are not “toxic” or harmful but healthy and wholesome. We understand the wonderfully created whole person and work with the body, not against it. If you want revolutionary healthcare and complete satisfaction, come and see for yourself the difference Total Health Systems can make for you!