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Preventative Health Measures

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Total Health Systems is a primary healthcare provider that focuses on preventative healthcare. As such, we recommend our employees and our patients take the following actions to aid in the support of their immune system:
  • Nutrition:
    • Avoid simple sugars and processed carbohydrates that can depress the immune system, including fast foods, sodas, candy, etc.
    • Eat food high in micro-nutrients, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Maintain proper hydration levels to ward off infective agents (DRINK WATER)
  • Get adequate rest:
    • Sleeping 6-8 hours minimum per night with no ambient light or within 6 feet of EMF producing appliances (phones, refrigerators, etc.)
  • Continue to exercise:
    • This improves lymphatic flow by muscular contraction, which aids in immune system function
  • Think positively:
    • Don’t promote fear; Promote accurate information regarding the current situation.
  • Chiropractic adjustments
    • There is positive correlation with proper spinal alignment and optimized nervous system function, which ultimately influences immune function at a higher level. Get Adjusted.
    •  Supplementation:
      • We have stocked up on products to help boost your immune system. We encourage our employees to take the following supplements specifically to optimize immune function:
        • Immucore (Metagenics)
          • 2 tablets per day to support immune function
        • D3 10000 (Metagenics)
          • 1 capsule per day
          • Ultrapotent C 1000
            • Minimum 1 per day to tolerance (excess vitamin C can cause loose stools)
            • Vitamin C has been shown in China currently to help prevent and reduce symptoms of Coronavirus
            • Ultraflora immune booster (Metagenics)
            • 1 per day to support immune processes in the gut flora
            • Congaplex (Standard process)
            • 6 per day to support immune function
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