Great Job Biggest Winners!

The Fall/Winter Session of Biggest Winner, is doing great! As a group, you have now lost 56 pounds, and are only in Week Three! Stay with it! You are feeling better, have more energy, and making healthy lifestyle changes. Today is the day to change your thinking, change your eating, and change your activity! Your Biggest Winner team are all cheering for you! Feel the strength of your group, move ahead, and….. DO NOT LOOK BACK!!

Tips to Keep you Healthy During the Holiday SeasonFood Plan for the Holiday Season

How will you spend your holiday season this year? The holiday season is meant to be a time of joy and celebration with family and friends. It is an opportunity for new experiences, enjoying traditions, and creating memories to last a lifetime. It is also a time of shopping, cleaning, entertaining, holiday parties, decorating, gift wrapping, cooking those “special holiday dishes”, lack of sleep, and often overindulging in food and alcoholic beverages. Statistics state that the average weight gain between Halloween and New Years Day is often as high as 10 pounds!
To stay healthy and feeling good throughout the holiday season takes some planning and setting healthy goals. Here are some tips and guidelines on how to experience a healthy, happy, fulfilled and blessed holiday season. Begin with setting realistic goals for the holiday season for health and fitness.

Drink plenty of water

• Remember to drink water – at least 64 ounces per day
• Water keeps you hydrated and assists with digestion and elimination, quenches thirst, encourages bowel movements and prevents constipation
• Water counters the dehydrating effects of travel and any alcohol consumed
• Water keeps you feeling full and satisfied – you will eat less food
• It is great for your skin, hair, joints, complexion, and overall well-being

Eat 5-6 times per day

• Follow the First Line Therapy Food Plan for balanced and healthy meals and snacks, that are satisfying and low glycemic (low sugar)
• Drink 1-2 Ultrameal medical shakes daily – they are healthy, filling, low glycemic, and will keep you on track with your weight loss and wellness program, and can be a complete meal replacement, especially on those busy days of holiday preparation
• Eat three balanced meals with at least two healthy snacks every day
• Do not skip breakfast, or any other meal! How you start your day is how you end it!
• Choose healthy holiday foods that are colorful and festive
• Be creative! Select brightly colored vegetables and fruits, and plenty of wholesome nuts
• Include family member (especially the little ones) in planning holiday menus
• Eat frequently to counter overeating and binging
• When entertaining, package up the leftovers and send them home with your guests
• Stay on your food plan and you will feel energetic and vibrant this holiday

Stay Active and Exercise

• Exercise is a great way to start your day – gets you moving and keeps you moving all day
• Increases metabolic rate – you burn more calories even after you stopped exercising
• It lowers cholesterol, strengthens your heart, reduces your risk for Cardiovascular Disease, and other chronic diseases
• Exercise improves immune function, reduces stress and tension, increased vitality and energy and improves quality of sleep, is a natural appetite suppressant, elevates mood and increases mental clarity, releases endorphins and actually assists with reducing pain
• Find an activity that brings you satisfaction and feels good to your body
• Try our Group Fitness classes – we offer a variety of cardio, strengthening, flexibility, yoga, Tai Chi, and more! Be adventuresome – Try our FitRanx fitness program – it is for all fitness levels, whether you have never worked out before, or are a top level athlete
• Listen to your body. Seek medical advice if needed, before starting an exercise program
• Get outside for a brisk walk, and if the snow flies, get outside and play!
• Listen to the sound of nature, bundle up and enjoy the season!

Stress Management

• Get plenty of sleep. Try not setting your clock on a day you can sleep in and see how much sleep you naturally get – you may be surprised to find you feel better and more energetic with 7-8 hours of sleep versus the 6 hours you have been barely getting
• Eat a healthy and low glycemic food (low sugar) food plan (First Line Therapy)
• Get adjusted by our chiropractors – you will feel so good!
• Get a massage and enjoy the relaxation of muscles and tension
• Relaxation breathing daily and maintain (or develop if needed) a positive attitude!
• Practice effective communication – you may be surprised at the outcome!
• Manage time efficiently –delegate and ask for assistance as needed
• Enjoy leisure activities that bring you joy and peace
• Pray and meditate daily – be in the moment – quietly and calmly
• Create gratitude list and add to it regularly – Practice an attitude of gratitude!
Enjoy your holiday season! Notice the brilliant colors of Fall, the laughter of children on Halloween, the twinkling lights, the time spent with family and friends, and focus on the true meaning of the holidays. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, drink your water, and stay active. This may be your most fulfilled and treasured holiday season ever!
For additional information, contact Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness and Weight Management at