This past Saturday, Feb 8th Total Health Systems, Chesterfield hosted the FitRanx Olympic Challenge.

Total Health Systems Olympic Challenge

Many of the exercises were inspired by events in the winter games.  Each participant was challenged with cardio events and strength events.

The Cardio Pursuit event included cardio drills often performed in our FitRanX group training sessions.  Events included “speedskaters”, jump rope and “mogul hops” (lateral hops) .  Athletes performed each exercise for 1 min, for a total of 5 times or rounds. Each round earned each athlete points.To test the strength of each athlete, athletes were asked to pick 3 exercises from a list of 6.  Some events were renamed to go withthe winter games theme.

Strength events included:

    • Ski Jump (TRX front squat)

    • Giant Slalom Stance (Wall sit)

    • Figure Skater Spiral (Single leg deadlift)

    • Push Ups
    • TRX Pike

Athletes could earn points by completing so many reps or so many seconds of various exercises.   The 4 top point earners from the cardio pursuit and the strength events qualified for the medal round.


None of the athletes knew what the medal round competition  was going to be before hand so it was surprise for all of them.


Total Health Systems Fitranx Rope Tow

The first event called Rope tow, involved each athlete sitting on a 10 pound plate that was attached to a rope. Athletes earned points for pulling themselves up off the floor and into the air.



The second event was the tire flip. Each athlete flipped the tire as many times and she could in 3 min.


Bobsled push

Bobsled push

And the final event called the bobsled push was pushing a the prowler across the floor. Points were earned for every lap each athlete completed.





After all the points were tallied:

Total Health Systems winners

Total Health Systems winners


Holly Kirsten from the Friday 5:45 am FitRanX group earned bronze
Stacy Ostermeyer, a personal training client of Laurie, TRX athlete, and Saturday morning FitRanx group member earned silver.
In the top spot was Jen St Clair from our group fitness classes.



Each athlete that came out, was pushed and motivated by all the other athletes.  Some people thrive on a little competition while others tend to shy away from it. In the end everyone is a winner.  Even if you don’t run the fastest time, or earn the most points, you still came out and did it, and push yourself harder than you likely would have done on your own, that makes it a win.

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