From Halloween thru the New Year’s we see people fall of their fitness routine. A time of year when we need to our workouts most. We celebrate with food and drink and we have a lot of added stress. A time when we need to keep on our workout routine so we can be our best.

THS wants to help you stay motivated and accountable during the last months of the year. We are offering a few ways to help keep yourself on track.

First check the last blog, Tips to Keep You Healthy During the Holiday Season by Diane Delf our Biggest Winner coordinator.

Then on Wed. Nov 5 Personal Trainer, Ryan will be presenting a whole seminar of health and fitness tips for the holidays. “Plan to get thru the holidays. Diet and Fitness tips that guarantee to keep your waistline from expanding.” Ryan will be presenting on this at our Garfield location at 6:30 pm.

For our FitRanx participants we are hosting a contest to keep everyone on track. Depending on how often each participant attends we are setting a goal of a minimum number of workouts to get in between Nov 1 and Jan 3.Fitness Tips for the Holidays

For those of you that attend
-FX 3x week you should be getting in 28 workouts
-FX 2x week you should be getting in 17 workouts
-FX 1x week you should be getting in 9 workouts
between Nov 1 and Jan 3.

But even if you are not enrolled in FitRanx you can still set some goals for yourself, using the workout tracker. Set a realistic goal for yourself. For myself I committed to 9 FitRanx workouts, 8 TRX workouts, and 8 Pilates sessions.

Use the Workout Tracker to track your workouts. Give yourself a reward at the end of each week, and the rewards should get better and better we get closer to the new year. Your goal is get thru the Grand Slam of holidays without breaking your streak. Try not to choose food as a reward.
If you do miss you must decide how you are going to make up for it. Will you give your morning coffee until the new year, will you give you wine, give up surgery snacks, stop going out to eat during the week? Think of something that will be very hard to do, so you would rather be sure to get your workouts done.

If you don’t break your streak, reward yourself! Make it something big that you really want. It could be a weekend away, a new TV, shopping spree at your favorite store, jewelry, you decide. I will treat myself to new ski boot heaters. It’s something that I would like, but don’t really need, so it serves as good motivation for me.
We can’t wait to see how what kind of streaks you can all get on! And the rewards you give yourself for sticking to it.